Your Training Tips

Your Top Nutrition Tips:

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Injury Prevention/Recovery

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Your Top Tips on how to prevent injury and recovery quicker:

1) Listen to your body. If it's saying no, it's probably for a reason! 

2) X-train. Work on your core strength, stability and running form. 

3) Book yourself in for a regular massage

4) + Yoga and pilates classes. 

5)  Stretch after every session. Good mobility and flexibility will help prevent chronic injury.

6) Follow the 10% rule- build your training miles by no more than 10% per week.

7) See a professional before trying to make a self diagnosis! 

8) Remember the rest days.

9) Don't forget to refuel and rehydrate afterwards. 

10) Warm up and cool down before and after every session. 

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Planning a season

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Your Top 10 Tips on planning a season:

1. Make small changes, gradually. Don't throw yourself at it 100mph. Consistency is key. 

2. Keep the plan adaptable, as it's unlikely you won't get ill, injured or have an external issue disrupt your training. Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day or two! 

3. Keep it fun and enjoyable! Vary your training and do things you enjoy. 

4. Keep the plan realistic. Does it fit around your current lifestyle? 

5. Listen to your body. Rest is just as important as training hard. Every 4 weeks drop your mileage to give yourself time to recover.

6. Create short term goals. Write them down and tick them off when you've achieved them. 

7. Listen to others who've completed the same event and steal their ideas! Talk to experienced coaches. Maybe even train with a buddy. 

8. Interval and hill sessions are a must! 

9. Make your training specific to a particular goal. Make sure the plan works for you rather than copying what someone else does. And focus on strengthening areas of weakness. 

10. Include x-training in your programme, such as body weight exercises, swimming, stretching, , yoga, plyometrics. Possibly invest in a PT.

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How to control race nerves

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Your top tips: 

1. Trust yourself and your training.

2. Focus on your performance, not the final result. 

3. Prepare your kit the night before.

4. Plan your race day: travel time to the race, where registration is, etc.

5. Practice running with the kit that you're going to use for the event. 

6. Leave for the race with plenty of time. 

7. Drink a sachet of Active Root to calm the butterflies! 

8. Get to the loo early. 

9. Chat to friends.

10. Plan a celebratory meal afterwards. 

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Tips for fitting training into a busy lifestyle