Active Root - Making The Most Of Your Marathon

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Active Root – making the most of your marathon
Race day, and it’s all about controlling the controllables. Active Root can’t help you overcome tough conditions or an injury half way round. But it can boost the chances of performing at your best by eliminating a common PB killer. And that’s what prompted the founders to come up with the product. 
Active Root co-founder Will Townsend was training for the London Marathon, and he was becoming frustrated. During his longer runs, Will suffered from stomach problems. That discomfort was holding back his training and making it tough to take on fuel.
Will had read that ginger was used as a natural remedy for sickness associated with travelling, pregnancy and sea sickness. So, would it work with exercise-induced nausea? Well, it was worth a try. He started to take ginger. In a relatively short time, the problem was solved. Work started on Active Root, and it’s now available as a natural remedy.

What is Active Root?
Active Root is a drink that comes in single serving sachets and multi serving tubs. It contains root ginger, cane sugar, sea salt and citric acid (other flavours in the range also have green tea and peppermint as ingredients). Simply mix a scoop or sachet into 500ml of water and you’re ready to go. Everything is natural and suitable for vegans and a gluten free diet. 

The science of Active Root:
Fuel: One sachet of Active Root contains 32g of carbohydrate in the form of unbleached cane sugar. This has a lower glycaemic index than man-made sugars used in gels and most sports drinks. That means it doesn’t cause spikes in blood sugar levels. It can also be absorbed easily. 
Hydrate: To help you keep hydrated, Active Root has 400mg of sea salt, which contains all the electrolytes and natural minerals needed to prevent dehydration during a run.
Balance: Unlike any other sports drink, Active Root ginger soothes the stomach and prevents nausea or bloating.

The Active Root impact on your marathon
Keeping fuelled and hydrated are essential during a marathon. The last thing you want is to be on course for a PB then hit 20 miles and start to suffer because your muscles have run out of fuel. But eating while running can be difficult, especially as fatigue sets in. At that stage, blood is being directed away from your muscles and you’ve probably taken on loads of sugar. Your stomach will begin to react to the stress of more food – the result will be bloating, nausea and decreased performance.
Active Root helps prevent this discomfort by soothing the gastric tract. That’s because, it is an easily drinkable source of fuel. So, using it means you can avoid stomach discomfort and focus on the PB.

When to use it?
Before: Regularly sip on Active Root in the hours leading up to your marathon to make sure you’re keeping fuelled and hydrated. It’s also great for calming any upset caused by race day nerves. Top choice at this point is Active Root peppermint & ginger flavour as this will give the added bonus of helping clear your airways.
During: Active Root contains 32g of carbohydrate – that’s about half of what you need per hour to maintain your energy levels. So, if you take it alongside another 30g of carbohydrate in a 500ml bottle, you’ll be fully fuelled and hydrated. And your stomach will be settled. Try Active Root original ginger flavour as the mild fiery taste will add some zip to your run.
After: It’s crucial to refuel and rehydrate after your marathon. Missing out on this stage can cause the after-effects to drag on for weeks. Active Root green tea flavour is a perfect post-race drink as it has an earthy, less sweet taste than some sugary sports nutrition.