Peppermint & Ginger flavour: benefits and when to use

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Active Root Peppermint & Ginger Sports Drink is now available! Here’s a lowdown on the benefits of peppermint to athletes and how it fits in with the Active Root range. 
Stomach Settling Properties
The most important question when choosing new Active Root flavours is "does it combine well with ginger to help settle your stomach". Peppermint gives a massive thumbs-up in this regard. Commonly used as a natural remedy for stomach discomfort, it is proven to  alleviate IBS, bloating and general stomach pain.
Other Benefits of Peppermint? 
Much like Ginger, the use of peppermint can be traced back thousand of years where it was used in Mediterranean for an array of aliments including its pain relief. In ancient Egypt it was so valuable it was used as currency. 
Today, peppermint is used as a natural remedy for muscle pain, headaches, allergies and as discussed, indigestion and IBS. Importantly, peppermint also helps clear your respiratory tract, increasing respiratory efficiency and therefore increasing oxygen efficiency.
The questions you've all been waiting for: how does it taste? Well, out of our three flavours, Peppermint is definitely the least gingery. Instead, Peppermint has a cool, refreshing, naturally minty taste that combines well with the warmth of ginger. 
When to use? 
As with all Active Root flavours, you can use Peppermint & Ginger before, during or after exercise. Because of its beneficial effects upon your respiratory tract and mental focus, we recommend either taking it before or during exercise. That said, it is incredibly refreshing and tastes brilliant after a sweaty session!
How will the flavour be available? 
Firstly, make sure you follow this link to get your FREE sample Peppermint & Ginger sachet:
Subsequently, you can get our Peppermint flavour in both the standard tubs and sachet boxes. If you didn't want to go all-in with Peppermint though, you can now mix and match flavours in our 20 and 6 pack sachet boxes (this can also include Green Tea & Ginger). We're also excited to release our variety pack just in time for Christmas. This includes 2 of each flavour and is therefore a perfect introductory pack. 
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