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Active Root recently teamed up with Hawick based club Freestyle OCR. FOCR specialise in building functional fitness for juniors and adults as well as for OCR events where they have a number of athletes competing at the World Championships. Below, FOCR member Karen tells us more about the club and how it has transformed her life. 

My name is Karen Scott, a 39 year old (soon to be 40) Mum of two. I’m married to Mick, who also trains at the gym and competed at the OCR World Championships in London last Year. I work full time as a Deputy headteacher in a local Primary School.

I started training at Freestyle Fitness in September 2016. I remember feeling really nervous that first night, I loved the variety of the class and the encouragement offered by others. The next day my body was in bits. Mastering the stairs was a nightmare and I was unable to train for the rest of the week! I was hooked and have been a regular member of the club and supported its events ever since.

Freestyle Fitness has changed my life in so many ways. I’m now fitter than I’ve ever been and I now cope so much better with every day stresses and pressures. My mental health is so much better than it has been in the past.

Last summer the gym ran some Transformation stories, here’s my journey so far:

Noun - a marked change in form, nature or appearance

Recently there have been several posts from Freestyle Fitness on the transformation of some of its members.  These posts have focused on the physical transformation of these individuals.

I wanted to post another transformation story. One that is without photographic evidence.

For me the most important changes on my journey remain unseen.

My transformation over the past two years has been both mental and physical.
A transformation of the body and the mind.

Since starting at Freestyle Fitness:
* I have developed more self-belief, determination and resilience.
* I have gained a willingness to try new things.
* I have a sense of pride in my achievements.
* I have done things I never thought I could.
* I have a better work-life balance.
* I have been less stressed and coped better with pressures of work.
* I am less anxious and don’t worry about the little things quite so much.
* I have a more positive outlook.
I am physically and mentally a stronger person for being a member of Freestyle Fitness.

For me my training is a way of keeping sane! I have a high pressure job which over the years became all consuming. I was envious of my husband always training, having time for ‘him’. I became grumpy and irritable. I knew something had to change.

My relationship with training in the past was a bit love/hate. I was a member of a commercial gym, did some classes a couple of nights a week, sometimes trained in the gym. I became a bit bored and let exercise slip from my priorities. Work was always a good excuse not to go.

Freestyle Fitness has held my interest. I like variety, I like not having to think after a hard day at work, I like the laughs, I like the challenges, I like the determination I have to better myself, I like the encouragement, I like the sense of achievement, I like being part of something, I like everything about the gym and the OCR training we do there.

Current Training
I train at the Freestyle facility 3 times a week (we’re now in a third setting which is bigger and better than the two that have gone before) and depending on my husband’s work commitments, I head to the OCR outdoor training facility on a Saturday morning and/or try to get a run in on a Sunday.

A Family Affair
The club has recently started a kids and parents session which I’ve been taking my two children, Ollie who’s 10 in March and like his dad a natural athlete. Fast, strong, determined. Konnie, 7 is a bit more like me, being born with hypotonia (low muscle tone) and needing physio for the first year of her life. Konnie finds sport a bit more of a challenge. Her heart is in it 100% though, she smiles continually and she has a drive to succeed unlike anything I’ve seen.

The kids have participated three times now at MacTuff kids. I feel being a positive role model to our children is important. Being active, physically and mentally healthy is vital for every aspect of your life and what a better way to do things as a family than knee deep in mud.

Ongoing issues with injury:
Recently (since May 2018 ????) I’ve been battling with injuries which have affected my running and fitness to participate in planned events. Wooler half marathon and MacTuff to name a few. I’ve continued to train and supported the team at many OCR events during the year: Tough Mudder, Badass Mucker, Total Warrior, OCR World Championships in London.
Every bit of me wishing I too was taking part. Don’t get me wrong. I’m far from OCRWC level, but I give things a go and the buzz I get from tackling an event and facing so many physical and mental challenges is amazing.

So my training currently (unfortunately) is mainly through classes at the gym. I’m supposed to be running Rat Race in May, a 20mile course with 100 obstacles. I wanted to really challenge myself, see what I could achieve, having often ducked out of really pushing myself. I booked three events that were totally out of my comfort zone. Two I’ve not been able to do, due to ongoing issues with my foot/knee. RR is currently hanging in the balance. Time will tell ????????.

Not running for a long time and the incredibly hard ground has taken its toll on my injuries ????! By night time my foot and knees were aching. Possibly tried to do a bit much too soon.
Rest for Monday. Hopefully back to Freestyle on Wednesday ????????.

So what makes Freestyle Fitness so special? How does it manage to transform people in the way it does?

It is not the equipment (although it clearly helps), it is of course the people.

Without Mark at the helm it simply wouldn’t exist. Without him and the Freestyle team, their positivity and endless encouragement, many of these transformations would not be possible.

I am proud to be part of the #freestylefitnessfamily.

I look forward with anticipation for what a future with Freestyle Fitness holds, undoubtedly more change and more transformation.  Bring. It. On!


To find out more about Functional Fitness OCR visit:

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