Top Tips from Ultra Running Internationals Dave McLure and Nathan Montague

Posted by William 01/11/2018 0 Comment(s)

The Active Root Ambassador Team welcomed Ultra Runners Dave McLure and Nathan Montague last month. Between them they have a vast array of international vests and national titles. Active Root are really honoured and proud to have them as Ambassadors. 

Below, Dave and Nathan have told us a little bit about themselves, their top tips for ultra running and why they drink Active Root. 

Dave McLure

Before he started running Dave was a professional golfer, playing and teaching across the globe. However, instead of doing 6 miles around a gold course he now regularly runs between 60 and 100k, becoming Scottish 100k champion in 2017 (another Active Root ambassador, Robert Turner won in 2018) and winning the legendary West Highland Way race in 2018. Next year Dave is looking to go even further, competing in some 100 mile races and taking on a world record attempt....

Nathan Montague

Nathan is also planning on going long next year. Having run for England on numerous occasions and holding Ultra running records across the UK, he's taking on the rest of the world at the UTMB and Ultra Gobi as well as attempting to get into the GB team for the world 100k championships. Outside of running Nathan is also a race course director for Global Limits, coach, secondary school teacher and father of 5...

Top Tips from the best. 

Dave: "Training for a specific Ultra can take anything from 12-32 weeks. Devise your long term training plan and split it up into manageable chunks. Enter some 'B' races during your training to help motivation and monitor progression."

Nathan: "Control the controllables. Everything that you can control plan for. Running, nutrition, equipment, mental strategies, and have a,b,c plans. Don't leave anything to chance. Also, training is not just about physical adaption. You earn subtle resilience, strength and determination just through the process of training itself."

Why they use Active Root. 

Interestingly Nathan used crystalised in races before he had heard of Active Root to help with G.I. issues and for its ant-inflamartory properties. They both like that we don't use "nasty ingredients that give you that washing machine stomach". Using Active Root allows them to "take their fuel more consistently and for longer allowing easier absorption. Importantly they both enjoy the flavours and agree that Active Root provides the energy they need during long training runs and races to perform at their best.

We're really excited to have Dave and Nathan on the Active Root Ambassador team and are looking forward to following their adventures next year. Also keep an eye out for future blog coming soon!