Why do you try to perfect your triathlon technique

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Oliver from Animis Racing Team coaching team discusses the whether trying to perfect the technique of each triathlon discipline is actually beneficial. What are your thoughts? 


Do you want to look good with perfect technique or go fast?

This is THE question all athletes and potential athletes should consider. Typically, most will be greedy and say both. Unfortunately though, unless you have been swimming 10km per day or riding thousands of kilometres a month on your bike or churning out big running miles as a teenager, you will never develop the fine motor skills required for the perfect technique.

Despite this, you will still see adult swimmers going up and down the swimming pool with kick boards and doing chicken wings, cyclists trying to maintain a perfect pedal stroke, scraping the bottom of their shoes, at a cadence of 90 or higher and runners performing all manner of drills that would be more at home in dressage. Waste of time

What also has to be considered is what you are seeing. When they show you video or stills of Phelps swimming with his magnificent kick, does he then get out of the pool and ride his bike before running? When you are shown footage of Adam Yates, do they then get off their bike and run a marathon? When they show you Kipchoge has he just swam and biked before running? The answer to all these is no. So why as a triathlete do you attempt to do the same?

The truth is, for most of us, by the time we reach adulthood and have a desire to take up sport, maybe for the first time since school, as Coach Brett Sutton says, “We are all Cheeseburgers.” Not the world’s best delicacy (unless you are the President of the USA) but something that will do and we can live with.

The key is to then get the most out of what you have got, rather than trying to make something you haven’t - that cheeseburger is never going to become Chateaubriand! However, what we can do is take you from Chuck Wagon to Five Guys.

At Animis we find the right techniques for you, right now, in order for you to get the most out of what you have. You wont find any of our athletes flopping around with a kick board, spinning on the bike or striding like a gazelle on the road. What you will find is a happy, performing and injury free athlete enjoying their training and racing.

If you want to know what we do and how we do it, and what makes us different from all the others out there, get in contact for a chat @www.animisracing.com

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