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New Active Root Ambassadors (Part 1/3)


May 3, 2018


We're very pleased to introduce the first 1/3 of our new ambassadors to the Active Root team: Toby, Sarah, Fraser and Michelle. Over the next couple of weeks we'll reveal the other eight.

We asked them all the following questions:

1) What is your favourite race or place to do your sport and why? 

2) Tell us your sporting idol!

3) The one training session that you fear the most!
4) Who's more legendary? Mo Farah or Mr Bolt....? And why...?

5) Why you drink Active Root?

Find out below who whether Bolt or Farah is more legendary! 


Toby Willis - Long Distance Cycling


1) My favourite race is The Transcontinental, or TCR as its followers call it. An ultra endurance bicycle race that usually covers somewhere in the region of 4000kms unsupported. For me, this race has it all and the spirit of the race is what makes it so attractive. 


2) The obvious choice for any long distance cyclist is Mike Hall. He did so much for so many regarding ultra distance bike-packing events. But for me, Sarah Hammond has been a huge inspiration. She is nails


3) The fearsome training sessions are the ones where I throw all the big hills in. Go ride a climb that raises your heart rate before you’ve even reached its base. That’s the one. The steeper, the scarier


4) For me, Usain Bolt is One of the most legendary sports men of all time. Growing up, the 100m men’s sprint was the best race. The one the family gathered around the tv for. His achievements have been unbelievable and the fact he makes it look so much fun and is always smiling does it for me. And his surname is ‘Bolt’!! How legendary is that for a sprinter!? 


5) Riding long distances can be really testing for the digestive system. I have found that Active Root really calms my stomach helping me to maintain an appetite. The spice makes it great on the palette too and a refreshing change from the sweet drinks and snacks so often consumed when exercising. It has now become a integral part of my routine.



 Sarah Ward - Triathlon


 1) In my highly biased opinion the best place to race is New Zealand! It has a bit of everything: hills, flat, undulating, lakes, oceans, surf, off road, on road you name it!


2) My sporting idol would be my cousin Sam Ward (TriNZ), and Flora Duffy.


3) FTP (functional threshold power) or CSS (critical swim speed) sessions as I’m afraid of going slower than the last time I did them!


4) Definitely Mo Farah!


5) I have developed a bit of a dodgy stomach since moving to endurance sports, and have always loved the flavour of ginger. Stomach seems to be calm, and none of the sugary gluggy-ness in the back of my throat.


Fraser McCoull - Ultra Running


1) Glencoe has got to be one of my favourite places to run, whether it is on the long winding trails of the West Highland Way, or spending the days high in the mountains. However closer to home, you can’t beat a quick blast up Arthurs seat at lunchtime.


2) Scott Jurek! His book “Eat & Run” is still one of my go to reads when I’m looking for trail inspiration (or more likely listening to the audiobook version on a long run).


3) Long distance intervals! Neil at RunRecover puts me through my paces with interval sessions that can stretch out for up to 19 miles. A painful way to spend your Saturday morning, and almost always results in a trip to the doughnut shop on the way home, but they get results!


4) I’m going to go with Mo on this one. He is a great ambassador for long distance running. There are no shortage of personalities in sprinting to entertain the crowd, but distance runners tend to be a lot more reserved.


5) I find active root is great not only for energy and rehydration, but the ginger stops the dreaded gut bombs you get in races. I have used ginger in races for years to settle my stomach, so being able to combine this into a sports drink is perfect. 



Michelle Castro- OCR


1) My favourite race has to be Tough Mudder as I love the camaraderie and enjoy meeting new people out on the course.


2) My sporting idol is Amelia Boone an Obstacle Racer/UltraRunner! Similar to me she fell into sport by signing up to a Tough Mudder with her work colleagues. This too was my first sporting event. She also has a lot of passion and mental grit.


3) The training session I fear the most is my outdoor bootcamp sessions that often leave me sweating profusely being put through my paces taking on a series of exercises they have me at times gasping for breath.  


4) Mo farah or Usain Bolt? I can't pick as they are both legends in their own right 


5) I drink Active Root as it helps keep me fuelled for training. Also prior to using active root I would suffer from stomach cramps on longer runs but the ginger within active root keeps my stomach settled and stops any nausea on my training runs and races.