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May 10, 2018

Over to the next 4 of our new ambassadors, this week including British 100km champion Robert, Chirnside Chaser Coach Leeann who's running JOG to Land's End this July, all round endurance adventurer Mark and off-road ultra specialist Romain. Read on to find out more about them: 

1) What is your favourite race or place to do your sport and why? 

2) Tell us your sporting idol!

3) The one training session that you fear the most!

4) Who's more legendary? Mo Farah or Mr Bolt....? And why...?

5) Why you drink Active Root?


Robert Turner - Ultra Runner and British 100k champion 

1) 100km on the road. This is a brutal and special distance. To run and race 100km well you have to be on the rivet, on the edge of threshold for the entire duration. It requires skills in many different areas.  Fitness obviously, but you need to know your own body and mind really well.  You cannot leave anything in a 'lets just see what happens' state, every detail needs to be scrutinised. Race nutrition is the biggest thing to get wrong in these events. 

2) My sporting idol since I was a teenager is Steve Cram.  When he was an athlete he had 

a quiet, subdued quality about him.  He appeared as a teenager during the Ovett/Coe era and like Peter Elliot, was often the third man, but he came into his own holding world records in various distances and has PB times that would still be getting medals in competitions today.

3) I HATE hills, with a passion, I hate hills.  So my coach, Paul Giblin, has me on the hill reps at least once a week.  Places like Kaimes Road in Edinburgh is the usual place of pain for me.  The sessions Paul set up are not standard run up the hill for 3 minutes then jog back down.  He likes to mix things up and I can often be seen swearing my head off in Corstorphine!  Like most sessions though, once it's complete the sense of satisfaction is addictive.  Probably why I keep doing them!

4) Oft, this is a hard question.  I admire both athletes, but if I had to chose it would be Bolt.  How many Olympic golds and world records?  Bolt is the legend.

5) As an ultra runner, I have been on a mission to find sustenance that I can tolerate for hours at a time.  I wanted to simplify things because I was carting every possible food/drink combination with me to races.  If the race used drop bags then my bags would have options in them and I would take out what I wanted at that time.  If it was a lapped route, then I would have all the options laid out.  A lot of wastage.  Sometimes what I wanted though wasn't there.  Not because I hadn't brought it but because I didn't want anything that I had brought.  Towards the end of these long races your body can just say no to another (put name in here) drink.  I have been on the lookout for a drink that I can consume all the way through a race and Active Root came at the right time.  I've always liked ginger beer, it's a very refreshing drink, ginger is a refreshing taste.  As well as the health benefits of ginger, the combination of electrolytes and sugar was Active Root what I was looking for?  I used active root at the recent British 100km Championships, this was the first big test under race conditions.  I had used the product in long (5+ hour) training 

runs in the lead up to the race, so I was confident it would work.  I wasn't wrong, I never got fed up of the taste, I never bonked, I felt there was a steady stream of energy throughout the race.  At last I had found that perfect drink.


Leeann Ross - Running from J-O' Groats to Land's End

1) Favourite race: Loch Ness Marathon. Stunning views, great atmosphere and its my marathon PB course.

2) Sporting idol: Mo Farah. Have been lucky enough to meet him twice in Edinburgh at the Great Winter Run.

3) Hills as most of them are very steep in or around Chirnside!

4) Mo Farah. The dedication he has shown by being away from his family for months at a time and his ability to train and run a wide variety of distances and achieve so much.

5) Having only used it a few times like how it is easy to drink, tastes good and best of all doesn't give me any stomach problems, which is a great bonus now I'm in training for running John O'Gro

ats to Lands End in July.


Mark Smith - Endurance MTB and adventurer 

1) Dinghy Racing - Brightlingsea in Essex which has easy access to the North Sea at all states of the tide and a club with an excellent and welcoming competitive spirit, if not there Rhode Island in the US or Sydney! For cycling i really like it In Shropshire plenty of really big hills but with flat bits between them, running is really wherever I happen to be.

2) Paul Evestrøm - A truly superb salon multi class multi-olympian (he was in his sixties for his last Olympics) he really developed the boats we sail and the sport.

3) The one training session that you fear the most! Cycling hill reps on my local short but evil Watsons Hill - the first one is hard the second harder and the follow on ones are just pain...

4) Bolt - He is almost too cool but seems a decent individual behind the superstardom.

5) I like ginger and hate gels!


Romain Borgeal - Ultra Runner 

1) Anything that is off-road will be a great playground for me! I like having a variety of terrain... Glencoe in Scotland is a great location, but I also like the south of France (dry and rocky!) trails!  

2) Among the few... Kilian Jornet! I love his philosophy and how easy he looks when he runs. 

3) The Tuesday track training! You never know what to expect... 

4) I watched and witnessed more Bolt races than Mo's. So I will say the Lightning Bolt. 

I can clearly remember the pressure and the excitement I felt at all of his races, at the Olympics or World Championships.   

5) For the taste but also because it is the only drink that I can keep having from the start to the finish line during my ultras. I tried different products, and with most of them I could not drink or eat after a certain distance. When I tried AR, I was surprised to find some appetite and not feel sick after a certain distance.