New Ambassadors 3/3

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Here's our final 4 new ambassadors, including passionate runner and fundraiser Stephen, triathlete and Personal Trainer Kate, Ultra Runner and aspiring Triple Crown legend Ross and founder of Somerset running community BHAM runners Neil. 

Read on to find out who idolised Cyrille Regis, what the Dorset Ooser is and why not to do META classes!


1) What is your favourite race or place to do your sport and why? 

2) Tell us your sporting idol!

3) The one training session that you fear the most!
4) Who's more legendary? Mo Farah or Mr Bolt....? And why...?

5) Why you drink Active Root?


Stephen Csaplar- Runner 


​1) My favourite race so far is the Cancer Research London Winter Run. It was such a great atmosphere and it has a special place for me as it was my first 10k race. No doubt this may change as I compete in more races however it will take something special to beat it.


2) As a life long Coventry City fan (I can hear the groans) it would have to be Cyrille Regis, he was a great ambassador for football and sport in general. Having lived in South Africa during the late eighties and nineties I think Bruce Fordyce is a fitting idol. For those of you who may not know him, he was a South African marathon and ultramarathon athlete and won the South African Comrade’s Ultramarathon eight times in a row. Bruce also won the London to Brighton Marathon three years in a row and is the current world record holder over 50 miles.


3) It has to be hill reps around Mount Bingham !

4) They are both legends in their own right but my choice is Mo Farah, running fast over 100m, 200m is difficult and I respect that. However,  long distance running and running long distance fast in my opinion takes a special kind of person and Mo is one of those people. He has done a lot for running over the years and he is a great role model, he inspires many with his enthusiasm, determination and his passion for the sport.


5) You may have heard the saying ‘what you put in is what you get out’ and when it comes to nutrition and fuelling for sport, that is very important. When I started my running journey I wanted to find a product that was made of natural ingredients and that wasn’t full of additives. After doing much research (I am known for over analysing and researching everything) I went for Active Root. Active root has no artificial additives or preservatives and contains all natural ingredients.  One of the main ingredients of Active Root is ginger, and ginger has many beneficial properties which include treating nausea, reducing muscle pain and soreness and it is an excellent anti-inflammatory. I now use Active Root whilst training for races and it tastes great, keeps me hydrated and I have never had any nausea. Active Root is now part of my running gear and I never have any hesitation in recommending it to fellow runners.


Kate Pearson- Triathlete and PT


1) My favourite ever race was City to Summit when it was an iron-distance triathlon - it was a glorious sunny and cycling through Rannoch and Glencoe, and watching the sun set from the summit of Ben Nevis was incredibly special. That said, I am SO excited about Ironman Edinburgh 70.3 this year as I was too injured to do it last year - I live in Glasgow now but Edinburgh is my home town and I cannot wait!

2) Chrissie Wellington will always be my main idol because she is such a strong and inspiring woman. I have never forgiven BBC Sports Personality of the Year for that year no women were nominated, despite Chrissie winning her 4th Ironman World Champs title!!

3) Sprints on foot - I am a lovely long slow plodder and running doesn’t come naturally to my hypermobile body! I have one speed and that’s average!

4) Usain may be more internationally legendary but I can’t help but love Mo Farah - he’s always happy and just such an inspiring athlete! 
He’s more likely to be tucked up in bed at 9pm rather than out partying until 3am like Usain - I can relate!

5) When I first saw Active Root I was chronically injured and out of action (I had three years off thanks to pregnancy messing up my pelvis - I was advised to give up running and cycling altogether) so I didn’t buy any at the time, 
but I knew that if and when I got back to triathlon it would be the first thing I would try! I always struggled on the longer distances to fuel - I’d get a sore tummy and sick of all the food. After a few hours on a course invariably I would struggle to eat anything, which isn’t ideal.
But about the same time I started being able to train again I was also diagnosed with IBS and put on a strict elimination diet for a few weeks. 
I was struggling to find anything to get me through each session but messaged Active Root about their ingredients, and was overjoyed to find I could have it. And it’s perfect! I love that I can add as little or as much as I want to my water, and it doesn’t make me feel sick or give me any other nasty side effects that gels do. The sachets are great as well for the longer rides and it’s also useful for my partner who has type 1 diabetes, and he can measure out exactly how much he needs for a session.


Ross Beveridge - Ultra Runner and Triple Crown 2018 hopeful 


1) My favourite race (so far!) is the Jedburgh 3 Peaks Ultramarathon. It was my first foray into the world of Ultrarunning and it nearly broke me the first time I ran it. I finished 15 seconds under the 10 hour time limit and cried at the end but the next year I was back and finished 2 hours faster and I’ve now done it 3 times. The ethos of the race is great from the 2 Race Directors. It’s all about inclusivity, fun, support and it’s a beautiful but tough course. I love it!


2. My sporting idol is a tough one because I have many that I idolise for different reasons. If I had to pick one, I would say paralympian Richard Whitehead because the first time I saw him run he had my jaw on the floor with the way he blew away the opposition at London 2012. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting him and running with him on one of the legs of his charity run of the UK. 


3. The training sessions that I fear the most are Metafit sessions at the sports centre. It’s all HIIT workouts that just break you in 30 seconds and I always feel completely knackered afterwards and really unfit!


4. I would have to say that Usain Bolt is more legendary just because he is everything to his sport.His personality and the way he commanded the stadiums and delivered on the big occasion despite all the pressure made him box office viewing. He is a living legend. 


5. I first tried Active Root at the Foxtrail Nocturnal Ultra and I’ve had it in my bottle ever since. It is far superior in taste to other sports drinks and it’s use of ginger to settle an upset stomach is particularly useful to me on longer distance runs where this can be an issue. I wish I had discovered it before running The Great Glen last year where I had bad stomach issues halfway through. 



Neil Brannagan-Fuller- Runner and BHAM founder


1) My favourite race is a brand new one that I did a couple of weeks ago called the Dorset Ooser, set in the rolling Dorset Hills and woodland near Wareham, some tough climbing, some great single track, forest paths and cracking views across the countywide.Only did the Half Marathon this year but will be doing the full next year so I can see the bits I missed!!


2) I’m not very good with idols, they always seem to let you down, that said there’s a few people in running that I really admire, Killian Jornet is just a machine, Gary Robbins seems like a cool guyand some of the races he runs like the Berkeley are just insane, and in the UK, Anthony Clark (Xmiles endurance store boss) represents England for 100k and just a nice bloke.


3) Anything on a treadmill, especially the hills setting!  I travel a fair bit with work, and try and avoid the hotel gym, but sometimes there is no escape... and what I fear about it the most is the boredom,that and looking at my sweaty self in the mirror for an hour!


4) Bolt, he’s just a better showman, Mo may have the mobot thing and be an amazing distance athlete, but Bolt just electrifies the venue and the crowd, big man, big personality.


5) I have tried so many different things, gels, powders, tablets, gums, capsules, bars. None of them work quite right for me, give me gut problems, too sweet/sickly/powdery or just taste like crap, too hard to chew, too much waste etc. From my first sample AR gave me what I wanted, tastes great and natural, water mixed and dissolves properly, a good balance of salt and carbs, and none of the dreaded gut reaction. It also tastes awesome with hot mint tea, a pinch of cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of honey when you have man-flu!