Training for an OCR? Here's Tonia's top tips!

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Training for an OCR? Here's Tonia's top tips!


February 16, 2018



Tonia is a veteran of many an obstacle course race having completed 2 Spartan Trifectas and numerous Spartan Beasts and marathons! She is also a Personal Trainer and therefore has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to training for the toughest 'total body' challenges: Obstacle Course Races! 

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"My OCR training consists of doing as many different things as possible. I am lucky that I work in a gym and am physically teaching several classes throughout the week. But there are plenty of ways to train outside of the gym as well and I usually do most of my own training in the untamed outdoors! 


I try to balance my training around 3 key fitness factors: endurance, strength and mobility to cover all areas of what I like to call 'the fitness triangle'. If you work on all these factors then you are likely to be able to tackle any challenge that is thrown at you during your races. 


As such I try to add as much variety to my training as possible. For example: when I go out for a run I look for the alternative route, off the beaten track, picking up logs and stones along the way or carrying weights in my backpack as well as any water or change of clothes (it helps I have a great four legged training buddy, which means I get outdoors quite a bit). I also take on other events as well, such as marathons, to really work on endurance!. I very rarely repeat the same workout, as not every race is the same


And personally why wouldn't you train outside for an OCR! Get outdoors into the wild and use the opportunity to explore! There can be a really variety of weather and conditions during OCR races as they are held throughout the year, so you have to be prepared for the worst! They are also never flat, so you're going to have to tackle some hills in training at some point!


So keep your body guessing and pushing yourself out of that comfort zone. Always try to remember that it won't be easy but it will be worth it!"