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We were chuffed when race organiser Peter Ness got in touch with us about helping sponsor the Scurry as it's a really cool concept for a race- urban orienteering starting in the hills and finishing at the sea after navigating your way through some of Edinburgh's finest parks. The only disappointment was that we wouldn't be able to compete! 


The race starts at the Hillend Ski centre and heads straight up Allermuir, a climb that runABC describes as a "short lung buster"...

It's certainly a "buster" as the field quickly spreads out as runners find any means necessary of making their way to the top, whether it was running, walking or trudging. 


However tough, for those that take their time to look around the reward of the stunning views are worth it. With the entirety of Edinburgh, the Forth and then the Lomond Hills on the skyline to the North whilst to the south spreads the rolling vastness of the Pentland hills, the the views from checkpoint 1, the trig point atop Allermuir, present a wonderful representation of what a running paradise Edinburgh is. 


As the runners set off up the first climb, we scrambled the Rootmobile in an effort to get to the 3rd checkpoint before the racers.


After descending off Allermuir, the participants then had to make their way to checkpoint 2 at the entrance to the Hermitage of Braid, before most runners took the scenic route through Blackford Glen and onto checkpoint 3 where we were stationed at the King's Haugh road, just south of Duddingston Loch. 


Having just run 8miles in the unusually hot Edinburgh morning, the runners were decidedly less fresh than when we'd last seen them, with many launching themselves at the water, Active Root and jelly babies before heading off to complete the last 4miles. 


The killer blow came in the last 200m of the race where the runners had to scramble across the softest sand known to man at the picturesque finish line at  Fisherrow Harbour in Musselburgh, where they were greeted with a feast of baked goods, more Active Root and a finishers goody bag. 


We really loved this event. It is simple, chilled out and because it is an odd distance (hopefully 12ish miles if you don't get lost), is free from the stresses of PBs. It encompasses running at it's most pure- getting from A to B whilst exploring a beautiful location- a brilliant adventure for all involved. 










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