Active Root's sports drink helps alleviate IBS and GI discomfort during exercise

Posted by William 05/10/2018 1 Comment(s)

Many athletes suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and gastrointestinal discomfort during exercise.

Often there are few natural solutions to prevent its effects.

In this blog post we discuss how Active Root's ginger sports drink can help alleviate IBS and GI discomfort during exercise.

How Active Root's ginger sports drink can alleviate GI distress and IBS in athletes

The mad dash for the portaloo or nearest bush is the stuff of nightmares for athletes, particularly if it's during a race.

Unfortunately, most athletes have been there and have had the painful experience of having their session or race undone not by an injury or fatigue, but by an irritated bowel.  
It's "gutting

Active Root's ginger sports drink can help alleviate IBS and GI discomfort during exercise

What is IBS? 

IBS is surprisingly common amongst athletes, characterised by bloating, abdominal pain and erratic bowel movements. It is caused by gastrointestinal distress and an overactive colon, which is regularly resultant of stress and unusual eating patterns.

This is clearly not good news for athletes particularly for those that compete in longer endurance events which not only demand fuelling with unusual carbohydrate rich foods but also cause extreme physical as well as mental stress.

Benefits of Active Root Ginger

Co-founder Will got the idea for Active Root when he was suffering from gastrointestinal issues during The London Marathon. Ginger provides a natural remedy to gastrointestinal distress and IBS by soothing the gastrointestinal tract, allowing easier expulsion of gas and as a result calms the stomach. It has also been used as a remedy for morning and sea sickness for thousands of years. 

Unlike other sports drinks Active Root only uses natural ingredients to fuel and hydrate athletes in the form of unbleached cane sugar and unrefined sea salt. When doing endurance sport you need to take on carbohydrates that usually come in the form of gels, bars and liquids which often contain unnutural and high glycemic index (GI) ingredients such as maltodextrin. But by using natural ingredients the stomach is able to easily absorb the carbohydrates and electrolytes inActive Root and diminish the chances of any gastrointestinal discomfort. 

Ginger on the road

Active Root's ginger sports drink can help alleviate IBS and GI discomfort during exercise

Using Active Root to discourage IBS has been a big success for endurance athletes, particularly for runners and triathletes where the jostling from running causes added bowel irritation. 
We have received many plaudits from athletes who have had "races cut short by IBS" or "have struggled to use any other fuel", but have subsequently had great success with Active Root.
Ginger’s natural remedial effect upon gastrointestinal discomfort is even more important for athletes competing in longer endurance events such as ultra running races, Ironmans or 24hrs events, where the ability to fuel for long periods is pivotal. Active Root ginger has not only helped prevent athletes feeling nauseous, but also helps naturally facilitate athletes’ appetites during exercise, allowing the to continue fuelling throughout their event. 

Active Root, the natural choice of sports drink

Suffering from IBS or any sort of stomach discomfort is a problem that can happen to any athlete. Unfortunately, it can become a chronic issue that plagues athletes’ performances without having an obvious cure. The ginger in Active Root provides alleviation and coupled with natural ingredients helps prevent gastrointestinal discomfort, whilst also providing a source of fuel and hydration. 

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