Active Root Summer Newsletter

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The last few months have been sweaty and not because of the tremendously hot weather (although our frail, pale Scottish bodies have struggled to cope with that to!). We've been all over the UK at various endurance events including the Cambridge VeloKeswick Mountain Festival and even the remote wilderness Glen Lyon. When we have been in the office we've been defying bureaucratic road blocks and pioneering some awesome new flavours as well as holding our first open evening. We've also been making the most of the warm weather by hitting the roads, hills and trails in search of athletic mediocrity, whereas our ambassadors have been putting in some great performances!



"The M6 is my home now"


The summer tour started with a trip to Crieff for the Women Run Strong trail race, followed by the Glen Lyon Ultra, SXC mountain bike series at Glentress, Kintyre Way Ultra and meeting the Bianchi Dama team at the Lincolnshire GP.

It's a great pleasure to be part of the action at these events

and gives us such a buzz, particularly when we hear how

Active Root has helped an athletes' performance.


It was then off to the Rock n' Roll Run Fit Expo in Liverpool and the Edinburgh Marathon Festival where we helped hydrate pavement pounders from across the UK. Massive respect to anyone who ran either of these events as they were roasting!


Into June and Will and George took a trip to middle England and the Cambridge Velo and then a few days later the Keswick Mountain Festival. Both these events were great fun, but we had a particularly good time at the KMF. If you like the outdoors, endurance events and kit get yourself there next year, we certainly will be!


We also want to say thanks to Adrian and the guys at Run&Become who've always been big supporters of Active Root and have allowed us to support their summer Self Transcendence series as well as the West Highland Way race last weekend.


The Active Root roadshow was also given significant reinforcement last month by the investment in a new

van, replete with black and orange d-cals. 



Product Development


Get excited
.It's taken a long time, reams of emails, lots of delays and a hell of a lot of sighing, but finally the end is in sight!


Green Tea is on it's way!


With twice the amount of salt, increased dissolvability and a lighter, earthy taste, this is the perfect drink for later on in a race

 when you're likely to be fed up of sickly sweet flavours. We're chuffed with it! 


If you want to get your free sample green tea flavour please contact us here:

This should be available in mid-July.

We've also created a new original blend. Again this has faster dissolvability, twice the amount of salt and pours more easily. We expect this to be available by the end of July, but if you are also interested in trying this new blend, follow the same link. 


To get you even more excited, we are also in the process of finalising a refreshing mint and ginger flavour, which we've had great reviews about so we're excited to see what you think as well.



Open evening


We've found that when you're sat Monday to Friday in the same office, doing the same things with the same people, 

it's very easy for ideas to become stale and the working environment to become somewhat of an echo chamber of ideas.


So we decided to invite a few athletes and Active Root users to come to the office for a couple of hours to tell us their ideas for and thoughts on Active Root and our new flavours. We thought it was really, really helpful so are planning on holding another one in the autumn. If you are interested in coming please get in touch!




And, we know you've been desperately skim reading just to get to the bit where you hear about our athletic exploits

Well you won't not be disappointed. 


One of the beauties of running is that you do it for yourself, and be pleased with your efforts irrespective of what

others race or train. So it's nice to reflect upon my colleagues' successes over the last couple of months.


Although briefly devolving the athletic duties to myself and Will, George signed up to the Glen Ogle 33 in November (a challenge in which he is no way prepared for) and started training with Edinburgh Tri Club on mondays as well.


Will has been scaling the heights of 7th place with his two most recent performances, focusing on only slightly more minor races on wednesday evenings. To be fair, he is still recovering from the Ironman he did last July.


And, after focusing my training towards the Lairig Ghru trail marathon since February, I managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by missing a turn with 1/2 a mile to go...look out for my blog post on this soon. #fuelledonlybyactiverootandjellybabies



Ambassador achievements


- Adrian Beale: 3rd at the European 24hr Solo Mountain Biking Championships.

- Andrew Douglas: selected to run for GB at the European Mountain Running Championships, claimed his 4th British title at the British Mountain Running Championships.

- Chiara Franzosi: completed The Wall 69mile race.

- Connor McGourt: won and set a new record for MAD Arthurs Seat 6hr challenge.

- Fraser McCoull: completed Thames Path 100 AND West Highland Way Ultra races.

- Hamish Battle: 2nd consecutive podium finish at the Lairig Ghru race.

- Jemima Cooper: 2nd at 70.3 Ironman Staffordshire and subsequent selection for GB at the World and European Age Group Championships.

- Robert Turner: selected to run for GB at the World 100km Championships.