It's 5 years since we brought Active Root to our first customers. We launched with just a single product, our Original Ginger Sports Drink, that you could purchase in a Tub or individual sachets. We worked out of a spare room, didn't have any event partners and werer very excited when we made 1 sale per week! 5 years on and we now have 3x products in 13 different flavours as well as various running and cycling apparel, work closely with event partners across the UK, have customers across the globe and employ two staff to fulfill your orders in our warehouse.

 Our growth has been very much been due to the help we have received from individuals, retailers, event partners but especially you, our customer. We really appreciate the support you have given Active Root over the last 5 years and will endeavor to continue to help you with fueling and hydrating your future adventures.

To celebrate half a decade of Active Root, we're giving away 1x Original Ginger 6 pack (our first product!), with EVERY ORDER OVER £5 in August. On top of this, we're giving away product with your orders this month. Every order number ending with a 05 (e.g. #11105) will receive a Tub of Active Root. Find out more about our offer and competition below. Many thanks again from the Active Root team!  

Our first sachet was a white packet that we had to stick the lable onto. We quickly moved on to a a see through plastic packet, however though it had a printed label, proved difficult to open. Hence why our current sachets have an easily tearable nick at the top. 

We also started selling 40 serving Tubs, (same tub, though different label in 2022) as well as clear 500ml water bottles. 

Original Ginger Tubs (& now Tub Refills) remain our best selling products. You can't beat the original! 

We started working for Active Root out of a spare room, where we did all our marketing work as well as fulfillment. This was also where we kept all our stock! 

Here's co-founder George stamping our first 6 packs with Active Root branding. Most of our products had to be hand made as and when orders came in. 

We were also stocked in our first shops: Run&Become Edinburgh and the Apple Pharmacy. 

We're now stocked in over 100 shops across the UK, as well as shops in Germany, Ireland and Hong Kong.  

Adrian Stott (pictured) continues to be an important supporter of Active Root, helping us attend the Scottish 5k Champs and the West Highland Way Ultra. 

For all of August we are giving away 1x Original Ginger 6x Sachet Pack with all orders over £5 (automatically added to basket). Alongside our Original Ginger Sports Drink Tub, this was our first product with each sachet being plain white, which we had to stick our own printed label on to! 


We're giving away prize Tubs with your orders this month. Every order number ending with a 05 (e.g. #11105) will receive a Tub of Active Root that correlates to a particular product launch.
Week 1 01-07/08: 2017, when we launched our Original Ginger Tub.
 Week 2 08-14/08: 2018, when we launched our Green Tea and Peppermint Sports Drink flavours.
Week 3 15-21/08: 2019, when we launched our ElectroLite and Winter Warmer
Week 4 22-28/08: 2020, when we launched Original Ginger Gel Mix
Week 5 29-31/08: 2021, when we launched caffeinated Guarana Gel Mix and Lemonbalm ElectroLite+.
 So for this week (until the 15th), you'll win a Original Ginger Tub if your order number ends in 05, the following week you'll win a Tub of Green Tea and a Tub of Peppermint Sports Drink, etc.