So a bit of an update from 2020;

• Unfortunately due to the pandemic many events were cancelled or postponed so I therefore looked to some other challenges and luckily managed to compete in one race.

• Having targets to train for proved vital. 

• Challenge 1 was a socially distanced lone non stop lap of the Isle of Man following the coast as closely as possible and adding some miles to make 120 miles in one hit. This was done as a show of support for the Mental Health Lap of my Mind crew. So a warm day and lots of climbing in store, I used plenty of Active Root Sports Drink to stay hydrated and fuelled and also the lovely Active Root Gel Mix. I manged to rip round in a good time demonstrating that my nutrition and pacing were spot on.

• Next we had the Manx 100 - 100km with 3750m of ascent of the toughest climbs and trails on the Island. Again AR Sport Drink and Gel Mix were massive in the this for me and we pulled off a Win-In-Class and 6th overall in the Open Class. My time was some 2 hrs faster than before so clearly the winter and early season training paid off. Having these targets kept me focussed on the turbo in lockdown and once back on the road getting quality miles in.

• After which I caught the Everesting bug having helped a good friend achieve his. I went for the off road version. So we were looking at a pace around 18hrs for the 8848 metres of climbing. This equated to 63 ascents and descents of a local off road climb at Skyhill. I had great support but pretty bad weather with rain and headwinds on the climb to cope with. No relax on the descent either. We achieved target in the 18hrs with some great support form a nice crew. Felt strong and super fresh after, but a bit mentally fried!
• Finally I went for a completely mad challenge of a 24hr non stop turbo session to raise money for two local charities who I have supported many times. My targets were to Everest and then go on to complete 10km of climbing. So in the 24hrs I achieved 12000m climbing and 282km distance. The last 6 hrs were purgatory due to shall we say 'extreme chaffing'. Would I do it again? Would I @#@# 😊. But I raised £842 which made it all worth while. I also learnt even more about nutrition and confirmed my pacing strategies were spot on! 

So what have we got planned for this year?

Well many events to date are going to be in a shaky position with the ongoing pandemic however here on the IOM we are lucky to be in our own bubble although of late we had to lockdown for a few weeks due to an outbreak.

After last years Everesting challenges I am really excited to try another and will go for a road one to add to my MTB and Virtual successes in 2020. At least it’s a challenge I can socially distance on too! 

So Covid permitting my main focus for this year is the Manx Longest Day Longest Ride (LDLR) held in June. A cracking must do 24hr Race for solo’s and teams. I will be pushing all the numbers right thru to this event. It’s a very competitive open class event but with amazing organisation and super friendly too.

Next we have the Manx 100 and after last years great result I shall be looking to back this up with even better, but if other events are not run then I may spring a little surprise challenge I have been mulling over for some time, to do with the M100. Believe me when I say that if it comes off then it will rate as an extreme challenge 😊

The AR Gel Mix is proving a great aid to performance and I seriously consider this product a real game changer, I love the flavours, its very palatable and sits nicely on the stomach. No waste pouches to get rid of and I like the ease of mixing its consistency to suit. Try some you won’t be disappointed.
Hitting the turbo with some huge sessions, lots of quality only and good rest. Also plenty of cross training curtesy of Joe Wicks and my home gym, cycling is a very inline sport, cross training shows up weaknesses and instabilities.
Lots of good things to focus on for the year.

Big love to all.. Lets do it.

Age category 2019 European Solo 24hr Mountain Bike Champion