Active Root Questionnaire: The Results!

Thanks to everyone who took part in our product questionnaire. We really appreciate the time and effort you put into the feedback. It was incredibly useful and has helps enormously in the direction we take Active Root. Please find our our feedback highlights below, as well as the actions we're taking as a consequence.

As mentioned, we are hoping to bring out a new ElectroLite flavour and Gel Mix product this autumn. We'll also have branded snoods available later this week. And if you have any more feedback please do get in touch at

More Salt, More Science

We had a lot of people ask about the science behind staying hydrated during exercise. Frequent questions included: how much salt do you need per hour?; the benefits of doubling the amount of salt in Active Root ElectroLite; the mineral content of our sea salt and; the possible negative effect of adding more alt to the taste.

Our resident scientist George is planning to pack the Science section on our website with answers to your above questions later this week. We'll also be sending plenty of free tasters when we do bring out a new version so you can try to make sure you still love!

Flavour Of The Month

There was demand for a lot of various flavours, but here are some of your favourites: Apple, Rhubarb, Lemon, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Mint, Cherry, Elderflower, Honey, Turmeric, Coconut and Pear.

Our favourites individual answers were: Dandelion and Burdock, Aniseed, Cucumber and Irn Bru!

Although we can't give too much away in terms of what we have planned in the near future, one of your queries was about limited edition flavours in refill packs. This is definitely something we would love to do in the near future. Hopefully you'll see some of the flavours above available soon!

Boost to the finish line...or the loo

When it came to caffeine there were the two overriding themes you talked about were 1) the beneficial boost caffeine can provide, but 2) how it can also make you sprint to the nearest portaloo.

As with all our products we have done a vast amount of product testing with ginger and caffeine and we're currently optimistic that our caffeinated Gel Mix won't irritate your bowels.

That said, we're determined to make Gel Mix tasters as widely available as possible so you can make sure before you buy. 

Your Sports Drink

You also had some great thoughts on how we could further improve the brand. Our favourites included: recyclable sachets for when you're out for the day, Active Root chews, smaller tubs, a subscription service and limited edition flavours.

We love all these ideas and really hope that we can implement them as soon as possible. We're always aiming to make Active Root nutrition as green, delicious and innovative as possible as well as keeping natural and ginger. Your ideas continue to help us do this!