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ElectroLite - a healthier hydration source for an active lifestyle. Containing root ginger, sea salt & just 25% of the carbs (33 calories) of regular Active Root Sports Drink, ElectroLite delivers healthier hydration as-well-as reducing nausea & bloating.

ElectroLite (6)

ElectroLite 20 pack


ElectroLite Tub (40 servings)




Active Root ElectroLite Tub Refill (40 servings)


ElectroLite Adventure Bundle


ElectroLite Sachet Adventure Bundle


ElectroLite comes in handy single sachets or a great value 44 serving tub. Simply mix one sachet or scoop with 500-700ml of water and you're ready to go!

Delicious taste with 100% natural ingredients

Delicious, lite and refreshing, our ginger and citrus ElectroLite can be drank all day long.

100% natural ingredients

Active Root only contains high quality natural ingredients that sit well in the stomach. There are no artificial ingredients in our products.


400mg of sea salt per 500ml drink. Helps keep you hydrated by providing vital natural electrolytes. 

Low calorie

Contains just 33 calories per drink. A perfect hydration source for lower intensity exercise such as gym or yoga. It is also ideal for endurance sports when combined with a fuel source such as Active Root GelMix.

balancing Ginger

ElectroLite contains 200mg of ginger per serving. Proven to help deliver a calmer, more balanced stomach that can enable better fuelling & hydration leading to improved sporting performance.