Active Root Electrolite Low Cal Ginger Tub
Active Root Electrolite Low Cal Ginger Tub Reverse
Active Root Electrolite Low Cal Ginger Tub Reverse
Active Root Electrolite Low Cal Ginger Tub, 750ml Active Root Sports Bottle

    ElectroLite Tub (40 servings)


      Active Root ElectroLite is the perfect natural hydration source for an active lifestyle. Containing root ginger, unrefined sea salt and just 25% of the carbs of normal Active Root, Active Root ElectroLite delivers optimal hydration as well reducing nausea and bloating, helping you feel great throughout your day.

      Each ElectroLite tub contains a 40 x 9g serving of Active Root ElectroLite. Simply pour your sachet into a 500-750ml bottle. Your delicious Active Root drink is then ready to go! Test

      Stomach settling Ginger: each Active Root ElectroLite serving contains 200mg of root ginger, the optimal daily amount to alleviate symptoms of gastrointestinal stress an reduce nausea and bloating. 

      Unrefined Sea Salt: each serving contains 400mg of sea salt, helping you keep hydrated throughout the day. Sea salt retains the essential elements magnesium, chloride and potassium, helping maintain optimal cellular function.  

      Naturally Lite: Active Root ElectroLite only contains 33 calories of natural ingredients, meaning it has a deliciously fresh taste that will keep you reaching for more throughout your day. 


      Cane sugar blend, Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Ginger Root Extract, Stevia (natural sweetener). 

      Nutritional Information

      Per 500ml serving   
      Per 100g dry powder
      Energy (kJ/kcal) 33/139                         1544/368                  
      Protein (g) 0.00 0.01
      Carbohydrate  8.2 91.17
      of which sugars 8.0 89.60
      Salt (g)  0.4 1.14
      Fat (g)  0.03 0.33
      Saturated 0.005 0.05
      Monounsaturated 0.0081 0.09
      Polyunsaturated 0.001 0.12
      Fibre 0.00 0.00


      Allergy Information

      There are no nuts in this recipe and the product is packed in a nut free environment, however we cannot guarantee that nuts are not handled by staff or visitors on the factory premises

      Shopping outside the UK?

      We stock Active Root on several platforms including Wiggle and Active Root Asia. If you live outside the UK and want to get access to FREE postage in many cases buying from these platforms can be better value than our website. Free postage is available in the many locations across the world when you spend a threshold amount. Below are a some examples.


      Wiggle - https://www.wiggle.com/active-root/

      Republic of Ireland €25

      US $49

      Netherlands - €50

      Active Root Asia - https://activeroot.asia/

      Hong Kong - $750 HKD