Active Root 12 Serving GelMix Bundle
Active Root 12 Serving GelMix Bundle User Guide
Active Root 12 Serving GelMix Bundle User Indregients
Active Root 12 Serving GelMix
Active Root GelMix Soft Flask

    300g Gel Mix Bundle - Cacao, Peppermint & Ginger flavour (12 servings)


      Refuel and Reuse with the natural alternative to single use gels! 

      Bundle contains a 12 serving tub of Gel Mix and a 150ml Hydrapak.


      Gel Mix 

      Active Root Gel Mix is a gel powder that easily mixes with water to create a natural gel, ideal for endurance racing and training. Easy to mix into your soft flask, you can mix however many servings you need to your preferred viscosity so you can forget about sticky single use gels. 

      Clean Fuel - 25g of natural carbohydrate per serving. Active Root Gel Mix only use natural ingredients and no artificial flavours or sugars. This means that Active Root Gel Mix settles in the stomach and is easily absorbed, without the fear of gut bombs. Because there are no artificial ingredients, Gel Mix also has a much cleaner taste meaning you actually want to use more! 

      Stomach Settling Ginger - Active Root gel mix contains 204mg of root ginger (the same as all other Active Root products), Ginger is proven to help reduce stomach discomfort & bloating enabling better fuelling leading to improved sporting performance. 

      Easy to mix - Mix gel using bundle hydrapak. Multiple gel servings can be made in less than a minute using the simple instructions below:

      One 150ml Hydrapak can hold 3 gel servings.

      Low waste - forget those sticky fingers, Active Root Gel Mix is the natural solution to single use gels! Using a 150 or 300ml soft flask, you can refill, refuel and then reuse without throwing anything in the bin. You can also refill your Gel Mix Tub with our biodegradable Tub Refills here!

      *36 servings per 900g tub (that's 50p per gel serving!)


      Hard wearing and non-leak 150ml Hydrapak soft flask is an ideal sized bottle to transport and drink your Gel Mix. The shape of the Hydrapak nozzle fits perfectly with the scoopie funnel (found in the tub) to ensure there is no mess when mixing the gel. It has an ergonomic non-drip twist valve for drinking and its compact size fits easily into your race vest or cycle jersey. What's more it is easy to clean in the dishwasher or with hot water. It's also BPA free. 


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