Welcome to the Active Root Refillery!  

Do you have an empty Active Root Tub? Then rather than purchasing another and having to throw away your old one or it clutter your shelves, refill it with fresh Active Root powder!

Your Tub Refill will be sent in a biodegradable pouch. Please add the powder to your current Tub or an air tight container as soon as possible to avoid the powder caking.

We stock our entire range in eco friendly refill pouches. Plus our limited edition hot recovery drinks. Scroll down to shop!

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Biodegradable Tub Refills

Active Root Sports Drink Refill - All flavours


Active Root Gel Mix Tub Refill (36 servings)


Active Root ElectroLite Refill (44 servings)


Hot Spiced Ginger - 12x servings


Active Root Snood


Active Root ElectroLite PLUS Refill (44 servings)


Energy Chews - 25 Chews per 200g pack - Fiery Ginger & Lemon flavour


Blue Zest ElectroLite Drink - 44x Serving Refill


Kiwi & Strawberry Summer Punch - 40 Servings