Active Root - the natural ginger sports drink


Optimal ginger levels per serving. Scientifically proven to help reduce stomach discomfort & nausea during exercise. Read more
Natural elements, including ginger, unbleached cane sugar and sea salt are essential for a settled stomach and optimal performance. Read more
With no artificial flavours or colours Active Root has a delicious light taste that can be drank before, during and after exercise. Read more
Check out reviews from a growing number of athletes who rely on Active Root for their training and racing. Read more

Endurance Cyclist Toby Willis: "Riding long distances can be really testing for the digestive system. I have found that Active Root really calms my stomach helping me to maintain an appetite. The spice makes it great on the palette too and a refreshing change from the sweet drinks and snacks so often consumed when exercising. It has now become a integral part of my routine."

Triathlete Juliette Strauss: "Active Root has completely changed my training and racing. I’ve found it hard to find carbs that I can tolerate especially during high intensity work but Active Root has changed that and now I can push myself harder for longer and my training has improved. I’m hoping this translates into race results this coming season!"

Ultra Runner Lucja Leonard: "As an ultra runner I wouldn’t be without Active Root, with my long runs or races taking anywhere from 4 hours to 48 hours, I need something that not only keeps me going but also helps me keep my appetite."


Ultra Runner Romain Borgeal: "I drink Active Root for the taste but also because it is the only drink that I can keep having from the start to the finish line during my ultras. I tried different products, and with most of them I could not drink or eat after a certain distance. When I tried AR, I was surprised to find some appetite and not feel sick after a certain distance."

Run “with no cramp twinges”. Easy on the stomach” ride fuel. “Lifesaver this summer”. Far superior in taste. “Perfect for longer runs”. "I never got fed up of the taste, I never bonked, I felt there was a steady stream of energy throughout the race. At last I had found that perfect drink". “Confident it would work”. "Drink that I can keep having from the start to the finish". “Maintain my appetite”. Stops the dreaded gut bombs.