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Original Ginger Flavour

Light and refreshing with a subtle taste of ginger spice, Active Root Original Ginger is kind on the stomach and can be consumed before during and after exercise.



"As an ultra runner, I have been on a mission to find sustenance that I can tolerate for hours at a time. I used Active Root at a recent British 100km Championship and I never got fed up of the taste, I never bonked, I felt there was a steady stream of energy throughout the race."

- Robert Turner, British 100km Ultra Running Champion

"Active Root has completely changed my training and racing. I’ve found it hard to find carbs that I can tolerate especially during high intensity work but Active Root has changed that and now I can push myself harder for longer and my training has improved. I’m hoping this translates into race results this coming season!"

- Juliette Strauss, Triathlete

"I always struggled on the longer distances to fuel - I’d get a sore tummy and sick of all the food. I was struggling to find anything but messaged Active Root about their ingredients, and was overjoyed to find I could have it. And it’s perfect! I love that I can add as little or as much as I want to my water, and it doesn’t make me feel sick or give me any other nasty side effects that gels do."

- Kate Pearson, Triathlete and PT 

Green Tea & Ginger Flavour

Active Root Green Tea & Ginger sports drink delivers a refreshing, light and slightly earthy taste, great towards the end of races or when you want a less sweet flavour option.

As with all Active Root products, Green Tea and Ginger contains the optimum amount of ginger to keep your stomach settled and prevent bloating.



I should confess I am already a fan of Active Root sports drink. I like the ginger flavour and I have found it doesn’t adversely affect my stomach as much as other sports drinks.

The one thing that was frustrating about the launch product was that it took a while for the pure cane sugar to dissolve in water. I tended to mix the drink and then leave it for a few hours, or overnight, so it had dissolved by the time I wanted to use it. That wasn’t ideal but it worked.

Brilliantly, the new products are faster dissolving. It is excellent actually. The powder mix of unbleached cane sugar, natural dried ginger and sea salt easily dissolves in cold water. It looks like a smoother powder compared to the first version.

Another development is that there is more electrolytes in the form of sea salt compared to the first version. The amount is now 400mg per 35g.

And there is a new flavour, Active Root Green Tea and Ginger drink. I really like this. It’s the same drink as the Original flavour but with an added touch of green tea, which gives a cooler, slightly more earthy flavour. It’s a less sweet taste and I far prefer it.

This is a better taste for the latter stages of a long training run or race when you are fed up with sweet snacks and drinks. It’s also a great taste for people who are not so keen on the flavour of ginger.

I enjoyed taking regular sips of Active Root drink during a recent race.

- Fiona Russell - Adventure Racer