John Cox Sports Therapy 13/01/2019

I’d been looking for a product that I could drink that wouldn’t leave me feeling bloated or have that ‘yacky’ feeling in my mouth afterwards. After being put in the direction of active root there was an hallelujah moment. Personally I use this before or after a run, and have used it during long cycles. I find I don’t get flavour fatigue and enjoy the taste from the start to the finish! I also love that there isn’t anything synthetic in it, and as long as I moderate my sugar intake to take into account the high levels in this it’s all good and balanced!!
Good job Active Root!

Fletcher Murdoch 12/01/2019

On my 4th tub of the Green tea & ginger! Always been a fan of green tea at home, and of crystallised ginger & ginger beer on long runs. Don't do ultras any more, but this "ticks all the boxes" for me! It's a great regular hot drink at home, esp. good as a hangover cure! and works for me as a run & gym drink in preventing nausea.

gary f 11/01/2019

Been using it far well over a year, it's my first choice drink for any activity, I have Gastric issues and Active Root has never caused me any problems. I have tried a taster of the Green Tea flavour and it was nice, but I still stick to the original, it's never let me down :)

John 11/01/2019

A great start to a run and a good finisher rehydration.
Also useful during an aerobic gym session.

Laura Todd 10/01/2019

I've struggled with adequate fueling and hydration that doesn't upset my stomach during long runs, but since trying Active Root out during Wooler Marathon I have to say I'm hooked. It tastes lovely, doesn't upset the stomach and gives me enough fuel to keep going.

Ive since purchased the mixed sachet box to try all flavours but my favourite is the Original Ginger so have since bought the big tub. Great product, great value and even great to have as a hot drink when feeling a little tired and sluggish too. Well worth trying folks!