Mark Hughes 10/01/2019

Great product, mixes easily. Easy on the stomach and tastes great. Will be buying again.

Janis Mcarthur 06/01/2019

I’ve beeb running for years, I also suffer from gastro issues like most folk who run, anything over a 5k I took unwell and since reduced my mileage cause I couldn’t cope. I came across Active Root a few months ago reading a blog of a runner with similar issues and haven’t looked back. I got some free samples to find out my favourite flavour then got Santa to bring me these tubs so that I was never without my active root. Not only does it help me after runs, it fuels me before. I also drink it when I’m teaching fitness classes back to back and even took it whilst I was suffering a cold over Xmas. I just can’t get enough of it and wish I found it years ago

Will Jenkins 05/01/2019

I have been using this product for 18 months, and I find it fantastic. I use it on sportives and triathlons and it is much easier to drink on the bike than other brands. I will continue to use this product through my training to do my first Ironman in Wales in September.

Kevin Church 13/12/2018

Pre -and during- race fuelling and hydration are important to me. I’m one of those people that has routine and kit choices from years of doing runs that I stick to, so once I’ve found something that works for me it takes a lot to change it as it may result in bad luck of some kind.

I had previously been a dissolvable tablet fan but I first tried Active Root after a club run and liked the combination of it being just the right sweetness, the flavour it was supposed to be and the slight warming ‘burn’ of ginger at the end. I went on to buy a tub and use it pre every significant run or race and it’s the only thing in my bike bottles nowadays.

It sits well in the stomach and gives energy and hydration.

I now get panicky when I’m near the end of a tub as I won’t turn back to the tablets. Active Root is now part of my kit and my routine.

Brian Owens 12/11/2018

I've ridden 8 thousand miles so far this year and achieved many personal bests from 5 miles to 100 plus. I am over 1100 achievements on Strava for my first year of retirement. I am no spring chicken ( aged 64) but am holding my own in my own way with much younger riders who help and encourage me . I actually do most of my training solo and behave on group rides! No smashing it up!!
I first met you at Cambridge TOC which I found a very tough day and sampled a free drink after severe cramping with the finish in sight . I then bought a sample pack , listened to your good advice and help as I was really struggling and have continued using the supplement .
I am now virtually free of taking the previous medication and wanted to express my thanks to you. I have subsequently reordered the tubs as and when. The drink has helped in many ways. A huge thank you.