Mark Challinor 10/01/2019

This product is a great way to sample Active Root and the flavours available. I suffer with stomach issues and many sports drinks can make these flare up, I’ve never had an issue with Active Root, in fact it’s actually helped to settle my stomach down. The sachets are convenient and easy to use and the ginger taste is very pleasant. I can not recommend highly enough.

Vince Smith 10/01/2019

This selection pack is a great way to try out all of the various flavours. I had previously tried the original ginger and had a small taste of the green tea at a cycle show stand. But the peppermint flavour I have had the chance to try in this variety pack is very good.

Ken Dickson 10/01/2019

Using active root now for all my longer runs (over 15k) and found them all really helpful both for hydration, nutrition and to take additional food on board if needed. Suffered from nausea after runs over 25k in the past so Active Root has been a great discovery. Peppermint is my favourite.