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Set up an Active Root account and:  

1. use the 10% discount code 'WELCOME10' on your first purchase  

2. accumulate 5% cashback on every purchase that you can use to get £££ off future purchases  

3. refer your training friends and receive £4 in Active Root Rewards

Find out how to sign up, use Reward Points and refer friends below!

How do I register an Active Root account?

To register an account simply follow the link below and create an account.

When you've created your account you'll be able to enter the 10% discount code 'WELCOME10' on the checkout page.

After every purchase you'll then receive 5% back in Reward Points which you can use straight away or save.


How do I use Active Root Reward Points?

Once you have registered for an Active Root account you'll be able to use Reward Points. You'll find these in the Rewards icon on the bottom left hand side of the screen.

When you press this you'll be able to see how much £££ in Rewards you have to use as well as your personal Rewards code. Copy and paste this code into discount code box on the Checkout page.

Click on the images below to see more. 

How do I Refer friends and Earn?

If you've registered an account you can also benefit from our Referral scheme. To Refer a friend simply click on the same box that you'll find your Rewards and scroll down to find your Referral link (it will begin 'link.rise...'. 

To Refer, simply give your friend this link. 20% will automatically be taken off their order. This must be your friend's first purchase otherwise the discount will be cancelled. 

Once they have made their first Active Root purchase £4 will automatically be added to your Rewards total (you'll receive an email notification when this happens). To use your new points simply follow the instructions to the left/above.