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James Waldie - PT @ Active Edinburgh

"Remember to re-fuel: it's pivotal that during longer runs and after training you re-fuel and re-hydrate so that you're able to recover fully. Active Root allows you to do this by settling your stomach quickly after exercise, re-stocking your energy levels using natural sugars and re-hydrating you."

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Make sure you have a recovery day after a hard session. Try not to run successive hard runs as you'll overly fatigue your body and not allow it to recover. 

Which is why you should always listen to your body. If you're feeling tired go for an easy run, even if you have a session planned. It's likely that you'll benefit from this in the long term and reduce the chance of over training. 

Core training is key to injury prevention. By strengthening muscles such as your glutes, which regularly don't function correctly for runners, you'll better your running form and reduce the risk of overcompensating with other muscles. 

Make sure you fuel, hydrate and stretch correctly. These are usually the first things that athletes stop doing when they have a busy schedule, but are vital in keeping your energy levels high and staying injury free. Try and spend at least 5mins stretching after each run and fuel back up within 30mins of a session. 

Vary where and which surface you run on. Most running injuries occur because of repetitive strain so by changing the surface your running and go off road you drastically reduce the chance of injury. Try exploring new places as well as this will help you keep motivated. 

Remember to warm up and cool down before and after every run. This will help prevent sudden muscle strain and benefit your recovery by flushing out lactic waste from your legs.



Will Townsend - Co-Founder Active Root


"Constantly topping up hydration and fuel during cycling is vital to maintaining a steady stream of energy and staying on the bike longer. During a recent London to Edinburgh ride I carried Active Root sachets and fuelled up with approximately 125ml of Active Root every 30mins. It was also reassuring knowing that the ginger in Active Root helped keep my stomach balanced for those long periods in the saddle."


I've been an enthusiastic amateur cyclist for over 8 years. Below is a list of my top tips for budding cyclists:


I'm a great believer that the best way to train for cycling is to simply go out and do it. I find doing a variety of different routes on varying gradients and surfaces is the best way to keep your body challenged and bike handling sharp. I tend to use my cyclocross bike in the winter and road bike in the summer. I love scoping out different routes and exploring new areas around where I live. One of the best sites I use to find new routes is Ride with GPS The website is great as it gives you figures for how long the cycle takes so you can tailor your ride according to how much time you have.  During the winter months when it's not always possible to get out I hit indoor spin sessions. The group sessions are sociable which helps keep me motivated.


Obvious but sometimes overlooked points. Make sure your bike is cleaned and well oiled. Especially the drive train. To clean a caked up drive train I use a chain degreaser tool, run the chain through it a good few times, then wash down with warm soapy water (scrub the mechanisms with an old tooth brush) dry the chain completely with an old cloth. This avoids any rusting. Repeat above if any dark oil is still present on the chain. Once clean and dry, relube the chain with a good chain oil, change through all the gears, leave for 10 minutes then wipe off any excess oil. Standing on the start line with a properly serviced bike reduces the chances of a 'mechanical' during the race. One less thing to worry about.


My biggest tip for racing in the UK is coming prepared for any weather conditions. I've done sportives in heat, cold, torrential rain and high winds. It's worth analysing the weather forecast carefully and having all the right clothing. In conditions, knowing where the wind is blowing from can make a big difference getting over exposed hills and planning for colder conditions at altitude are all essential.

Cold Conditions

If the weather is set to be cold and wet make sure you have warm, waterproof overshoes on. Dry warm feet (as opposed to wet numb feet) helps you deliver power through the pedals and is good for morale. A decent merino wool base layer and a buff under the helmet goes a long way too. 

Warm Conditions

The UK can throw up wide temperature fluctuations depending time of day, altitude and wind condition. If your event is starting early in the morning I find it's best to begin with a windproof jacket until it starts to warm up. Once the sun properly comes up you need to think about shelling off the layers. In my experience even if you're in a good peleton it's worth taking the hit and stopping to get this right. Cycling with too many clothes on when it's warm and sunny can be very destructive, leading to heat exhaustion. Reducing unnecessary layers will reduce unnecessary sweating and help your performance. You'll probably catch up the peleton you were in earlier as a result.

Check out the route I took from London to Edinburgh


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JEMIMA COOPER - Age Group Triathlete

"For me I chose Active Root to fuel my early morning swims and my long bike rides. Kind to my tummy and fuel for my muscles, I know that I will have the energy and the hydration that I need without any of the chemicals and artificial colours!"

"What I love about triathlon is that it is a sport for everyone. You stand on the start line with tall, small, young, old in every shape and back ground you can imagine, yet you never know which one is going to win! With three sports to play with and perfect, you never get bored. I love the challenge and I love the variety."

"Elite triathlon is tough, it hurts and it takes huge dedication and commitment, but once you are out there smashing your sessions, you know it is one step closer towards that winning goal, it makes every ache and pain worth it!" 

Jemima also writes for 3XSPORT- read what she wrote about Active Root and other articles here: natural-fuel-packs-punch

Obstacle Course Racing

Obstacle Course Racing

Kieron Ross - PT @ Race Fitness

Kieron's Top 5 Training Tips for Spartan:

1.Hills, Hills, Hills:
Long steady flat road running won't help you for Spartan. Do all of your training off road and take in as many hills as possible. Get used to attacking the uphills at speed then use the downhills as recovery. This builds leg strength & endurance and conditions the mind to accept hardship. Session length should be 1-2 hours plus.

2.Get Used To Carrying Stuff:
Every Spartan race has a number of carry's. It could be anything from a sandbag to a bucket of gravel. Distance will usually be under 500m. Practice with whatever you have available. Pick something around 10kg and jog up and down hills repeatedly. Keep the weight high on your chest or shoulders and keep your stride length short.

3.Hang Tough:
Your upper body and grip strength will be tested again and again during the race. Build shoulder and arm strength with pull ups (overhand and underhand). To build forearm and grip strength practice hanging from the pull up bar for as long as possible. Aim of at least 2 minutes.

4.Iron Core:
Your core is like the chassis of your car. The stiffer it is, the better it will handle. Google some exercises then build them into your 10K+ training runs. This will also get you used to having your nice running rhythm broken up. Which is exactly what obstacles do.

5.Get Low, Move Fast:
You will encounter a number of crawls under barbed wire or netting which can seriously slow your progress. Master both the leopard crawl (hips on the ground) and the bear crawl (hips high) on different gradients. See how fast you can go. Accept the hardship.
That's it. You're ready. On the day remember to fuel up correctly with a sports drink such as Active Root and wear the right trainers. Good luck!

"OCR demands maximum performance from every muscle in your body and it's essential to be correctly fuelled & hydrated on race day. I've been using Active Root before, during and after races and have never felt the weakness that can set in when using just water, or nausea that can come from overly sweet sports drinks. Active root dissolves easily and tastes great."

Kieron has years of experience in OCR having competed at and coached competitors of the biggest OCR races in the country. He also recently won the Mighty Deerstalker 2017! With a military background he can whip you into great shape and you'll still beg for more!
Check out or contact to get involved.

We are delighted to be sponsoring the UK Reebok Spartan Races in 2017!

Find a Spartan Race near you here:

South East Sprint

8th April

Sprint, Junior

South West Super, Sprint and Hurricane Heat Weekend

20th May

Super, Sprint, Hurricane Heat, Junior

Edinburgh Beast, Ultra Beast, and Sprint Weekend

22nd July

Beast, Ultra Beast, Sprint, Junior

UK Agoge, Isle of Skye

18th August


Marston Lodge Super and Sprint Weekend

2nd September

Super, Sprint, Hurricane Heat, Junior

Windsor Beast and Sprint Weekend

30th September

Beast, Sprint, Junior



Graham Gristwood - GB Orienteer and Mountain Runner

"Orienteering is all about concentration and decision making under stress for long periods of  endurance exercise. Staying hydrated using Active Root keeps you sharp and focused. It also tastes great!"

Photo cred: Donatas Lazauskas

A multiple British Champion and Gold medal winner for Great Britain relay team at the World Championships 2008. 2nd in the World Cup Final 2010, 4th in the World Championships Relay 2010 and 2015, and 4th in the sprint distance at the World Championships 2011. Competed for GB at the World Mountain Running Champs 2016, finishing 31st. It's safe to say Graham has a busy trophy cabinet and exactly why we are so proud to sponsor him. Setting himself high expectations for 2017 on international stage Active Root will be fuelling him all the way. Keep an eye out for training tips from Graham and Active Root at the JK this year!

If you are interested in getting involved in Orienteering visit and find an event near you!