It's 5 years since we brought Active Root to our first customers. Each week in August we're going to be reviewing one of those years - this week 2018.
In 2018 we began working on Active Root full time. This enabled us to develop our products lines, introducing 2x new flavours and supporting the endurance community on a bigger scale, including beginning an Ambassador scheme and hydrating a wide range of races and expos nearly every weekend.

To celebrate half a decade of Active Root, we're giving away 1x Original Ginger 6 pack (our first product!), with EVERY ORDER OVER £5 in August. On top of this, we're giving away product with your orders this month. Every order number ending with a 05 (e.g. #11105) will receive a Tub of Active Root. Find out more about our offer and competition below. Many thanks again from the Active Root team!  


We launched Green Tea & Ginger flavoured Sports Drink in the summer to provide a less sweet, more earthly flavoured alternative to our Original Ginger flavour, perfect for the end of events when you've already consumed a lot of sweet stuff!  

Two months later we launched Peppermint & Ginger, a refreshing, cool flavour that quickly became a customer favourite. 

We also began using 20x packs on top of our 6x packs and Tubs. The MOQ was so large that we're still using the same 20packs today!! 

We also began our Ambassador programme. Triathlete Kate Pearson, ultra runners Robert Turner and Owain Williams and endurance cyclist Adrian Beale are still supporting us today. 

We're always looking for more ambassadors, so please get in touch if you are interested in working with us. 

2018 was also the year that we expanded Active Root's geography by travelling all over Scotland and northern England to support athletes and events. 

We continue to work with Scurry Events, Trail Outlaws, Keswick Mountain Festival, Aberfeldy Triathlon. Highlight of the year was taking part in the Foxtrail 6hr Ultra in December where we finished 3rd! 

This was also the first year traveling to Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham and London for sports expos including the National Running and Cycle Shows. 

Four years ago we invested in the Active Root van. Unfortunately we underappreciated how quickly our product range would grow and after a year we'd outgrown the van! 

For all of August we are giving away 1x Original Ginger 6x Sachet Pack with all orders over £5 (automatically added to basket). Alongside our Original Ginger Sports Drink Tub, this was our first product with each sachet being plain white, which we had to stick our own printed label on to! 


We're giving away prize Tubs with your orders this month. Every order number ending with a 05 (e.g. #11105) will receive a Tub of Active Root that correlates to a particular product launch.
Week 1 01-07/08: 2017, when we launched our Original Ginger Tub.
 Week 2 08-14/08: 2018, when we launched our Green Tea and Peppermint Sports Drink flavours.
Week 3 15-21/08: 2019, when we launched our ElectroLite and Winter Warmer
Week 4 22-28/08: 2020, when we launched Original Ginger Gel Mix
Week 5 29-31/08: 2021, when we launched caffeinated Guarana Gel Mix and Lemonbalm ElectroLite+.
 So for this week (until the 15th), you'll win a Peppermint & Green Tea Tub if your order number ends in 05,