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Hamish Battle, @hamishbattle (Aberdeen)

I got in to running properly in 2015 when I got a little too addicted to Strava.  I'd go out and nail myself around the Meadows in Edinburgh on every run, not recommended as a training style, but it made for fast gains. Active Root's James Waldie persuaded me to race Dumyat Hill in 2016 and we battled it out for 2nd and 3rd. Unfortunately for me, James was 2nd... Since then, hill running has become my favourite discipline, I love a big day out running around in the mountains. In 2019 I made the Scotland team for the Hill Running Home Countries International which was a great experience and left me hungry for more. The training continues, and the running never stops! 

I’ve used Active Root for years. I first tried it after a session in the Meadows when they were offering free samples. The main thing I like is the flavour, you want to enjoy your nutrition when you’re a few hours in to the pain cave of a long run! The new flavours often sound bold, but you realise it works! I didn’t think I’d stray from Original Ginger but Peppermint has gone right to the top!

My most embarrassing running moment must be between running the wrong way down Glen Nevis then wading across the river to discover I was a long way off course in the Ring of Steall Skyrace or proclaiming on the Adventure Show that I was going to win the Lairig Ghru Race only to come 3rd and pass out at the finish line. There’s a fine line between confidence and obnoxiousness…

Gemma Abbott, @nutbutterrunner (Essex)

I actually started running out of necessity - when the terrible events of 7/7 happened in London I was scared to get on the tube so I started running to and from work instead! Then, several years later after having my first baby, I used running to get fit again after pregnancy, but also to get some time on my own! I used to pound the country lanes a few times a week to get some peace! I entered a few 10k's for fun, then a half marathon just to see if I enjoyed the race environment - I was hooked! From there I started running marathons (nothing beats London still) then I moved to Ultras because, well, there was nowhere else to go after that!!

While I was pregnant I used to use ginger biscuits to stave off morning sickness. So when I discovered there was a range of sports drinks that used ginger, I knew I’d love it. I’ve always suffered from feeling nauseous in the later stages of long races , but I can honestly say with Active Root it’s no longer a problem! I use it as my main source of hydration and energy during a race and it’s been brilliant on my stomach.

One of the best races I’ve ever run was the ‘Nohtaram’ (read it backwards) It started in The Mall at 1am the night before the London Marathon and we ran the whole course in reverse, finishing at the start line in Greenwich!

Kerry Archer, @archer_kerry (York)

By profession I’m an oncology physiotherapist working as part of a service delivering exercise to people diagnosed with cancer. Triathlon became part of my life around 9 years ago and to date I’ve completed several sprint distances representing GB at age group, a handful of 70.3 which is fast becoming my favourite distance and one Ironman which is by far my biggest achievement to date. I love the diversity of triathlon, competing at all 3 disciplines separately or sticking them all together!! In more recent years I’ve discovered my love for trail running, spending time exploring local routes with friends and have filled 2021’s race calendar with trail half marathons.

I’ve been using Active Root for a few years now. Frustrated with not being able to find a product that didn’t send my digestive system into a tailspin, Active Root has resolved all that. I’m a big fan of their Peppermint and Ginger Sports Drink for my day to day exercise hydration, using the Lemonbalm ElectroLite+ mix for higher intensity, sweaty workouts and the Gel Mix has been so effective for the longer runs I’ve been doing.

Laura Briggs, @briggsy1 (Somerset)

I’m an ultra-runner who loves a bit of barefooting! I was named the first Running Mayor of Somerset, and my aim is to get everybody out and enjoying running, no matter what their level, age, or ability. My biggest achievement was running 500 miles in one month, and I’m always training for the next long run! I’m also a vegan runner. I love eating, so ultra-running is the perfect sport for me, because it means I can eat and move at the same time! I love how I feel after a run – it’s great for the body and the mind, and I love running in bright colours, so I definitely stand out!

I love the taste of Active Root, and I love how it doesn’t give me any gastro issues while I’m running long distance on the trail. For me, as a vegan, it fits in perfectly with my lifestyle choices too. It fueled me around 500 miles, with no issues whatsoever, so it’s my go-to sports fuel

I run barefoot – so you’ll either see me in Vibram Fivefingers, or with no shoes on at all. Raises some eyebrows!

Laura Lawson, @lalalawson (Essex)

I took up cycling a decade ago, riding recreationally for fun and fitness, with my partner and completing the odd sportive challenge. I love that I can travel further, explore the countryside, and see so much more than when I’m on foot. I started racing in 2018 and enjoy road crits, cyclo-cross and cross country MTB races. Each presents its own challenge and, although I’m often out of my comfort zone, I love that I learn something every time I race. I am more focussed and structured about my training now than when I started riding but I do still take days where I ride just for fun, no numbers which is great for a happy, healthy mind. I love nothing more than riding with friends to a café for breakfast or elevenses! I think my biggest achievement to date has to be taking part in the 2020 HSBC UK Cyclo-Cross National Championships.

I suffered from GI distress when doing my long rides. Nothing serious, I just had no appetite and even the thought of eating made me feel really nauseous. I just couldn’t consume the calories needed. This often left me drained, a feeling of lethargy which could last a few days. Active Root gave me back my appetite! Drinking it gives me energy and allows me to eat while riding. I love the taste too, Peppermint and Lemonbalm ElectroLite+ are my favourites

I once rode 508km from Newcastle to London. Moving time was a touch under 22 hours and I burned over 8,600 calories – the equivalent of 65 Active Root Original Sports Drink servings!!

Owain Williams, @scottishrunner (Edinburgh)

I live in Edinburgh and spend most of my spare time running, especially if training for a specific race. I've been running since 2008 when I entered the Edinburgh marathon to raise money for charity and to lose some weight. I finished that race in just under 5 hours and have since gone on to improve my time by a far bit and have a marathon PB of 2:52.52. My favourite type of running is trail running and that's what also led me down the path of ultra running. I love a good trail and most trail races seem to be ultras so it made sense. As much as I love racing, the real reason I run is for my Mental Health. I find running really helps me destress and clear my head.

I love the taste of Active Root and the fact that it's all natural ingredients. When I'm working hard racing or training, the last thing I want is to ingest something that doesn't agree with me.

I met my wife (Mandy) by running! There was a running club at our work that we both attended and that's where I met her

Vic Owens @thehappyrunnernw (Denbigh)

I started my run journey in 2016 when I began training for a half marathon. It wasn't long before I discovered ultra running and in September 2017 I crossed the line as the first, and only female competitor that year to complete King Offa’s Dyke Race: 185 miles from Chepstow to Prestatyn. In 2020, I took on The Monarch’s Way, running 625 miles. Not only did I become the first woman to complete the route in its entirety but I took days off the male FKT and I’m still to this date the current FKT holder. During January 2021 I ran an ultra every single day. That's 32 miles a day every day for the entire month of January, except for the last day, when on the 31st of January I finished off the month with a smashing 40 miles bringing the month’s total to 1000 miles! I supported the stay local lockdown rules by never leaving Denbigh, my town. At no one point was I ever more than two miles from my house.

I suffer badly from feeling nauseous when running and often on longer runs I can struggle to take in enough food to sustain the mileage I'm doing. Active Root has been a game changer for me. It settles my stomach and fuels me. I love how refreshing the taste is too, I just don't tire of it. The Gel Mix is also amazing, finally a gel that doesn't send me darting into the bushes!

I’m well known for being a barefoot runner. I run all my distances in zero drop, no cushioned shoes, or completely barefoot

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