• Vic Owens

    I'm a barefoot long distance ultra runner. I've always been drawn to long distances, and trying to achieve my own version of the impossible.

    This year I am running 12 Backyard Ultras in 12 Months, hoping to achieve PBs along the way, break records, and set new ones.

    When it comes to the long runs, Active Root is invaluable in helping to keep my stomach feel settled and happy, whilst keeping me hydrated and fuelled. 

  • Toby Willis

    With a big love for mountains and steep inclines, I am a AAA Audax Super Randonneur, Grimpeur and five time ‘Everester’ (at the last count).

    You’ll usually find me posting photos from a 5 o’clock that most people don’t know exists, and i’m often found in the mountains of Eryri, North Wales.

    A keen lover of all things cycling, I’ve competing in ultra-distance events ranging from The Pan Celtic Race, The Transcontinental, and Racing Collective rides. 

  • Stuart Ritchie

    My name is Stuart and I am the founder and online coach at Trek & Climb Fitness. It's my job to help people like you get fit and ready for their upcoming mountain adventures.

    Whether that's bagging local hills or heading away on a high altitude expedition, I've got you covered.

    I am super excited to join the Active Root Ambassador as it's a product I've used for years during both ultra marathons and high altitude expeditions. With more events planned over the next 12 months, I can't wait to help spread the word about Active Root to the hiking community.

  • Sharon Dearden

    I started running just a few years ago (late to the game) and I’m at my happiest on the trails, up on the South Downs and usually covered in mud. Never take it seriously just out there to have fun!

  • Sara Nunney

    I got back into running in my 30s when I started jogging with my terrier. Things have rather spiralled over the last few years and I have now competed for the British team in canicross and fallen in love with ultra running!

    I’m currently trying to build my strength as a hill climber for some exciting race targets ahead.

  • Owain Williams

    I'm originally from a small island on the west coast of Scotland called Tiree. I moved to Edinburgh when I was 17 to go to University and I've been here ever since.

    I took up running when I realised I needed to lose weight, being 6ft 1" and 18.5 stone was not healthy. I entered the Edinburgh Marathon and finished it in just under 5 hours but I instantly knew I could go faster.

    Since then, I've ran most distances from 1 mile to Ultra marathons and yes, I have gotten faster.

    I love all types of running, road, cross country, trail and enjoy spending time outdoors whether on my own or socialising with friends. 

  • Nicola Adams

    Hi I’m Nic, founder of JoggOn!

    A lifelong runner, hill hopper, explorer. I started this Business 2 years ago, because I wanted to provide active wear, without it costing the earth.

    The brand name was born with a wee bit Scottish banter, and to bring some humour to this thing we love called running.

    Yes, running, can be fun.

    Our IG name changed to JoggOn_ explore because It became more than just activewear. I was inspired, motivated & challenged by others to celebrate just how incredible the human body is, share what I love, have achieved, and still want to challenge.

    I also, seriously started my business as I thought my husband might lose his mind if he had to hear me talk about running all the time.

  • Nicky Chrascina

    I started running around 35 years ago when my Dad bet me that I could not run a marathon. I have now run around 135 marathons and ultras, trail being my favourites. 

    I am not fast and can usually be found mid to back of pack enjoying a day out in the country, chatting to everyone and taking photos.  I love encouraging people to push their boundaries and get so much joy seeing people achieve what they perceived as unreachable.

    I try and have at least one BIG challenge/adventure in the diary per year and am looking forward to my 2024 challenge which is the Ultra Race of Romania and the Mt Everest Marathon next year.

  • Katie Atkinson

    I'm a trail runner, who has a fondness for hills. I've taken part in many ultras and long distance events and love to explore new places! 

  • Karen Nicol

    Ultrarunner and mum of two boys, loves running and being outdoors.

    Co founder of Wildheart Runners, a coaching and community business focussing on empowering people to overcome barriers and enjoy running and all the benefits that it brings both physically and mentally.

    Guide runner to Felicity and founder of Levengrove Junior Parkrun.

    Love competing in the Backyard Ultra and encouraging female participation in this type of event. 

  • Jay Bracey

    Cycling for me represents freedom, adventure, fitness and a connection with nature and offers me a chance to explore new places whilst immersing myself in my surroundings.

    It has always been a means of physical escape and it gives me the time to clear my mind and focus on both my physical and mental health. Most of my cycling is done on my own but I do partake in sportives and group rides all of which are fueled by Active Root products

  • Hayley Lamkin

    A few things about me: I've been a runner for as long as I can remember and I don't know what I would do without it.

    In the last year I've taken on the challenge of completing some triathlons where I look to increase the distance to half Ironman and full over the next few years. I am a running and strength & conditioning coach and I love this job and helping others to reach their goals. 

  • Hannah Blundell

    I started running properly only a few years ago and quickly found my love for trail running, the hillier the better! I live in Lancashire and I’m always running around the West Pennine Moors and spend a lot of my weekends up in The Lake District.

    I’m currently training for my first Ultra in The Lake District and never leave home for a long run without Active Root!

  • David Edghill

    I am a plant based long distance runner that prefers to run on hills and trails. I like to fuel my runs with natural products that taste good and are not too harsh on the stomach.

    My favourite distance is 50 to 60km as I love the planning, tactics and fuelling almost as much as participating in the races.

    My favourite race to date was the Skyline Scotland Ring of Steall. This was also the most physically challenging race I’ve competed in today and fuelling became super important in the second half of the race.

  • Danielle Pinder

    I'm Dannii, a runner from Yorkshire who runs with a double spine curvature, I have a complete reversed curve of the neck and Lumbar scoliosis. I'm currently half way through my dream of becoming a six star finisher. I'm aiming for star number 4 later this year in New York. Being a runner with my condition is tough sometimes, but it only pushes me to keep on running and hopefully inspire others.

    I'm so excited to be part of the Active root ambassador team, they've been a huge part of my fueling for my past marathons and I can't wait for an exciting year ahead with them 

  • Dan Speakman

    I’m almost 44 (19th March), I live in Weston-Super-Mare with my wife and two children.

    I’m a paediatric nurse educator working in the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, which is the best job ever. I’ve always been a runner but my passion for running grew in 2018 when I discovered ultra running. I’ve since ran 7 ultras including the 102 mile Cotswold Century in 2023. 

  • Chris Ward

    Hi. I'm Chris and I've been running a quite few years now. In the last few years I've gotten more in to ultra running and backyard runs. I have always struggled with fueling, especially gels. Active Root products have helped me fuel my runs and now I run further than ever.

  • Andrew Maybury

    Andrew is a professional photographer and keen runner whose fascination with the Lake District informs much of his work. He is an advocate for promoting the benefits of the outdoors and photography for improved wellbeing. Now based in Cumbria, he is often found hiking, fell running, and photographing the amazing Lakeland landscape. 

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