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Active Root Autumn Newsletter

We hope you’ve had a fantastic summer of adventures & Active Root has helped you reach new heights. It might now be cold & dark but there’s plenty still to look forward in & autumn / winter. To raise your spirits, we have a wicked winter warmer Active Root cocktail recipe, a new competition & an opportunity to earn reward points for feedback. Read on!


We hope that you've been lucky enough to win something during one of our competitions. We have got a lot lined up for during Christmas where you'll have the chance to win race entries, gift vouchers and loads of Active Root goodies!

If you're interested in getting involved in our competitions, you can follow our facebook page here.


We are always looking for feedback, whether it's on our products, which races we should be attending or on our social media content.

Please let us know if if you think we can do anything better and we will send you 50 reward points!!


We've got loads of events lined up over the next couple of months including a Nocturnal Ultra, Free From Festival, Auchterarder 1/2 and the National Running Show Birmingham. And because it's now winter, we'll now also be providing HOT Active Root!!!

On top of this we'll also be touring the Lothians, visiting local shops and clubs and providing Christmas Hot Active Root for the athletes! (You'll be hearing more about it soon!)


We're looking forward to 2020, particularly because we'll be bringing out some exciting new products including more ElectroLite flavours & a new fueling source.

Do you have any ideas for developing Active Root products? Let us know!


Raise your spirits with a Hot Active Root Winter Warmer! Perfect for when you return from a cold and dark run and need to refuel, hydrate and get yourself warm again.

Hot Active Root contains slightly larger granules and more molasses creating a darker, caramel taste. We've also added, nutmeg, five spice and turmeric for an extra Christmassy kick!

Find out how to make the Active Root Winter Warmer here.

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