Active Root Winter Warmer - Active Root

Active Root Winter Warmer

Raise your spirits with a Hot Active Root Winter Warmer! Perfect for when you return from a cold and dark run and need to refuel, hydrate and get yourself warm again.

Hot Active Root contains slightly larger granules and more molasses creating a darker, caramel taste. We've also added, nutmeg, five spice and turmeric for an extra Christmassy kick!

Boil a kettle
Take 1 x 300ml cup and add half a sachet or scoop of Active Root (which flavour you prefer, we love Hot Root as it tastes more of caramel) then add all of the powder ingredients below. Pour in boiling water, thoroughly stir then finish off with a slice of orange on the top.

300ml of boiling water
½ sachet or ½ scoop of Hot Active Root (adjust size and flavour to taste) - you can get Hot Active Root here!
Turmeric, Nutmeg & Chinese 5 spice - ¼ tea spoon of each
Slice of orange

Additional ingredients
- 1/4 spoon of tea spoon of Mace for extra spice
- Splash Vodka (we like Absolut)
- Drop of Tabasco for an extra kick

Then get your compression socks on, stretch out those leg muscles, kick back and relax!
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