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Caffeinated Guarana Gel Mix

What is Guarana and how much caffeine does it contain?

The caffeine we use is completely natural and comes from ground guarana seeds grown in South America. We use guarana as it is a natural source of caffeine, each berry containing approximately 5x as much caffeine compared to a coffee bean.  Each Guarana Gel Mix serving contains 85mg of caffeine which is the equivalent of 1 standard cup of coffee.

Aside from Guarana, caffeinated Gel Mix contains the same natural ingredients in our other Gel Mix flavours: 25g of cane sugar, 101mg of stomach settling ginger and 100mg of sea salt.

Why and when should I use Guarana Gel Mix?

The difference between Guarana Gel Mix and Original Ginger or Cacao is that it contains caffeine. So on top of providing carbohydrate (your fuel), Guarana Gel Mix gives a stimulated boost, similar to a drinking a coffee. 

This is especially helpful at the end of long distance events when you might need an extra boost, for instance in the last six miles of a marathon, or before a shorter time trial or race, for instance a 10k. 

What does Guarana Gel Mix taste like? 

Guarana Gel Mix doesn't actually taste like a regular caffeinated product, but rather has a fairly bland taste that isn't particularly sweet. Even better, it disappears from your mouth really quickly which if fantastic for longer events when your taste buds are likely to be extra sensitive to really sweet flavours.  

How do I use Active Root Gel Mix? 

Like all of our Gel Mix flavours, Guarana Gel Mix can be made up in less that 60 seconds in four simple steps: 
1) Scooping Gel Mix
2) Filling Soft Flask with Gel Mix
3) Topping up Flask with water
4) Mix and shaking! 
See the short video below for more details!

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