From Root to Route: Ginger's Role in Trail Running Nutrition

From Root to Route: Ginger's Role in Trail Running Nutrition

Trail running is considered a mixture of running and hiking on any unpaved, natural surface, and can be done just about anywhere making it increasingly popular amongst new runners; the sport is growing in popularity every year with a current estimate of 20 million trail runners worldwide. Trail running is a great way to spend time out in nature whilst also getting a great workout. 

Fuelling your trail run is crucial for sustaining energy levels and optimizing performance, especially during extended sessions lasting 60 minutes or more. As you traverse rugged terrain, your body depletes its glycogen reserves, the primary fuel source. Failing to replenish glycogen adequately can result in fatigue, diminished focus, and a decline in pace.

Aim to ingest between 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour from gels and/or drinks when tackling trail runs lasting over 60 to 90 minutes. This replenishment strategy will help sustain your stamina and keep you performing at your peak amidst the challenges of the trail. 

How can using ginger as your nutrition help during trail running?

The ginger in Active Root can help contribute towards a normally functioning settled stomach and prevent bloating. It may also have a calming effect, so it helps get rid of excess gas, thus reducing bloating and stomach discomfort. The ginger that Active Root uses has been specially selected because of its high gingerol ratio.

Active Root Gel Mix powder packs 24g of easy-to-digest carbs per serving to deliver steady, smoothly sustained energy when you need it most. Carefully blended with real ginger, our formula helps calm nausea and gastrointestinal distress, so you can push through intense efforts without uncomfortable side stitches or indigestion. Gel Mix offers concentrated doses of carbohydrates in a compact, easy-to-consume format, ideal for quick boosts of energy on the go. 

Meanwhile, sports drinks mix delivers carbohydrates in a more diluted form, providing a steady stream of fuel with each sip. Made with high gingerol compound ginger, slow-burning cane sugar, and replenishing sea salt, this carefully crafted blend provides sustained energy and optimal hydration. Packed with over 200mg of natural dried ginger, it also helps alleviate gastrointestinal stress and reduces nausea.

Another key benefit of ginger during exercise is its ability to reduce muscle soreness. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger can help combat the inflammation that often accompanies intense physical activity, making it the perfect companion for a long day on the trails.

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