How Ginger Boosts Ultra Running Endurance

How Ginger Boosts Ultra Running Endurance

When it comes to ultra running and your digestive system, ‘normal’ and ‘ordinary’ are what you want to experience every time. You don’t want anything fancy going on; no stomach surprises or digestion disasters. You want your stomach to feel normal so you can focus 100% on your running. Active Root Sports Nutrition helps you achieve harmonious normality through a truly extraordinary ingredient – ginger.

Ginger contains unique gingerol compounds, which interact with the stomach and help keep your digestion feeling normal. Whether you use our drinks, gels, or energy chews, our number one goal is get your normal right.

With normal digestion nailed down, we then give you all the other sports nutrition essentials - the carbs and electrolytes - you need to perform. We use 100% natural carbohydrates and sea salt electrolytes. No synthetic sickness-inducing maltodextrin here. With all these working together, our products give you normal digestion, energy boosting carbs and electrolyte replacing hydration!

With an ultra being any distance from 26.2 miles upwards, your nutrition requirements will vary depending on distance, terrain and a number of other factors. 

Pre-race hydration is vital so use Sports drink mix to hydrate and keep your fuelling constant, especially when travelling or when early race briefings are in place.

Our Sports Drink Mix and Electrolite Drink Mix contain carbohydrate and electrolyte sources, with single serve sachets that mix into a 500ml flask, easy at aid stations and will fuel you for up to 1 hour with a single serving.

Our Gel Mix can fuel your ultra and help calm nausea and gastrointestinal distress. This innovative performance fuel powder packs 24g of easy-to-digest carbs per serving to deliver steady, smoothly sustained energy when you need it most. You can sip your gel more gradually rather than having to take it in one meaning less chance of those blood sugar spikes.

You could also take on fuel using our popular energy chews - they offer a rapid energy boost and replenish essential fluids with electrolytes. Every chew delivers around 6g of carbohydrates, 50mg of sea salt, and 140mg of stomach-soothing ginger.

Take a variety of flavours - if you're out for a number of hours, you're going to get bored of your favourite eventually. The thought of a different flavour will help you continue fuelling.

The ginger in Active Root products not only helps calm your stomach, but is also packed with anti-inflammatory compounds that can help sore muscles recover faster. A natural painkiller, ginger supports blood circulation, activates the digestive system and stimulates blood flow which can help avoid stomach issues and nausea. 

It is the perfect boost for ultra running endurance!

Read our Ultra Running Nutrition Guide, to help smash your next race!

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