How To Fuel Your Ultra

How To Fuel Your Ultra

We're supporting a number of ultra races this year so thought it would be helpful to give you our advice on how to fuel for an ultra. Find out what to use, how often to consume, how to carry your Active Root as well as extra tips and our example of what new use.

What Active Root  I Be Use During An Ultra?

You should be consuming between 60-80g of carbs per hour during steady exercise. Both our Gel Mix and Sports Drinks contain approximately 30g of carbs per serving. You therefore need between 2-3 of these per hour if you were just using Active Root nutrition. (ElectroLite contains only 8g of carbs, so you'd need to drink this on top of 2x servings of Gel Mix). So this might be 2x servings of Gel Mix and 1x of ElectroLite, or 1x serving of Gel Mix and 1x serving of Sports Drink, etc.

When And How Often Should I Drink/Eat?

You should aim to consume a small amount at regular, frequent intervals. So rather than stopping every couple of hours to eat a meal, you should try to have drink / gel / snack every 15-20 minutes. You want to consume regularly and in small amounts so that you maintain a steady energy supply. It's inefficient and likely to lead to a sugar crash if you're depriving yourself of fuel for a long time before loading up with a lot of fuel in one go. 

How Should I Carry My Active Root Nutrition?

There are a few different options as to how to carry nutrition including; short pockets; bumbags, hand hold bottles etc. We'd advise investing in a quality, comfortable race vest. Usually these contain a bladder that sits on your back, perfect for Active Root Sports Drinks, and two pouches on each strap than can hold Gel Mix Soft Flasks. We'd definitely advise trying before you buy. The last thing you want is something bad fitting where you have to twist your entire body to get to your nutrition. 

Extra Tips On Fuelling Your Ultra

Take a variety of flavours as if you're out for a number of hours, you're going to get bored of your favourite eventually. The thought of a different flavour will help you continue fuelling.

Take some 'real' food as you will get sick of sports drinks and gels. Include some treats to look forward to later on in the race.

An example for every 2 hours of running from us would be sip on a Soft Flask, whilst also occasionally drinking Sports Drink, more often if it's hot. Then eat something more substantial every couple of hours. So in two hours, consume: - 4x servings of Gel Mix - 1x serving of Sports Drink (500ml) or ElectroLite+ - a snack bar / jam sandwich

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