Nutrition Strategies for Long-Distance Road Running

Nutrition Strategies for Long-Distance Road Running

Fueling your run is important to maintain energy levels and performance, especially during longer runs. During long distance road running it is important to consume a small amount of fuel at regular, frequent intervals eg every 20 minutes.

This is to maintain a steady energy supply and prevent blood sugar peaks and crashes. It is easy to make the mistake of not eating when you are feeling good then suffering later in the run, so it is important to fuel regularly to prevent this, even when you’re feeling good.

At Active Root we're committed to delivering delicious, natural, eco-friendly, ginger based sports nutrition.

Our drinks and gels are crafted to help improve your performance, and all our products are suitable for vegetarian, vegan, and dairy free diets. We only use simple, high quality natural ingredients which help to maintain a settled stomach, providing more predictable results and avoiding the dreaded gut bomb! All our products contain 204mg of ginger per serving, the proven optimal amount to keep your stomach settled and help prevent nausea and bloating.

It is important to practice different fuelling strategies to find what works for you. Active Root offers the following, along with a range of hydration options!

Gel Mix: Gel Mix comes as a powder that you mix with water in a Soft Flask which then turns into a Gel, getting rid of the need for sticky single use gel packets. One 170ml Soft Flask holds between the equivalent of 1-4 gel servings, so it's also easier to carry your fuel. Per 25g serving (mixed with 25ml of water) our Gel Mix contains only natural ingredients, including: - 24g of cane sugar (carbohydrate) - ginger, the same amount as in our Sports Drinks - 100mg of sea salt - maize starch and citrus.

A big problem with standard gels is that you have to consume the whole 25g of carbohydrate in one, causing a spike in your blood sugar levels. By drinking from a reusable Soft Flask, you can consume more gradually keeping your blood sugar levels steady. You can also make the gel to your preferred consistency by adding more or less water. Simply add your Gel Mix powder into your soft flask and add water to mix. 1x scoop of Gel Mix powder + 1x scoop of water = 1 thin consistency Gel Mix serving. Each serving makes up the equivalent of 1x standard single use gel (we recommend adding 3x gel servings to your soft flask before filling the rest of the soft flask with water).

Energy Chews: Crafted to offer a rapid energy boost and replenish essential fluids with electrolytes, every chew delivers around 6g of carbohydrates, 50mg of sea salt, and 140mg of stomach-soothing ginger. Be prepared for the bold and intense flavour of fiery ginger in every chew. For a quick energy boost, eat 6 pieces per hour during activity. Each piece contains 6g of carbohydrate, 140mg of ginger and 50mg salt. Always follow consumption with a drink of water or sports drink.

How to try: We offer all of the above nutrition essentials in bundles for you to try. It is essential to practice your fuelling strategies prior to race day and our sample packs allow you to try out our products and find what works for you: Bundles – Active Root

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