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Our top running reads!

Event cancelled and feeling a bit demotivated? Then switch off Netflix and get re-inspired with one of these brilliant running reads. 

Here's some of our favourite books about running! 


Running with Kenyans - Adharanand Finn 

A great read for those who want to learn about the culture of Kenyan running and some of the possible reasons their athletes are such talented runners.
Be aware, reading book alone will not make you as quick as elite Kenyan athletes.

Feet in the clouds - Richard Askwith

An absolute classic. Everything you need to know about Fell Running; history, how to, races etc. A book that really inspires you to get into the wilds!
This book actually got my Dad and I into Fell Running. Having read it we decided to travel up to Sedburgh to try our first race. Fourteen years later and we’re both still hitting the hills - thank you Richard!

Lore of Running - Tim Noakes

A must have for any runner looking to get faster, particularly if you’re chasing times. The handbook on how to train.



Once A Runner - John L. Parker Jr. 

The first and only fiction, this novel is about a runner chasing track glory. A good read if you’re looking for inspiration to keep training hard.
Read in my first year of university when I suddenly had many, many free hours with which to overtrain. This book is about Olympians remember!

Strength & Conditioning For Endurance Athletes - Richard Blagrove

Perfect for when you’re stuck indoors and looking to use the time to work on your conditioning. A comprehensive guide to all things S&C.


Alberto Salazar’s Guide To Road Running - Alberto Salazar

By far an away the most controversial read. Written before any Oregon project, Salazar’s guide gives information about his success and in depth arguments and analysis of what training he thinks gets you faster.
Read from cover to cover, no mention of the benefits of doping. Aside from Salazar’s murky methods, I actually think this is a good book for anyone looking to improve their training methods.

The Mountains Are Calling - Jonny Muir

A must read for anyone who wants to ‘run in the high places’ or has a love for outdoor adventures and feats of spectacular endurance. A must for hill runners.
Fortunate to often bump into Jonny on our local high place, Blackford Hill, which although smaller than a lost of the mountains mentioned, does still provide quite enough quad burn!

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