Our Sports Drinks will be available at the aid stations on course and at the finish line of all the events listed below!

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Events, Aid Station & Nutrition FAQ

How many aid stations will Active Root be available at?

Active Root will be available on aid stations during the event.

On these aid stations will be our Original Ginger Sports Drink, which is available in our Event Drink Pack.

Will there be any vegan or gluten-free options available at the aid stations?

Yes, our Sports Drink mix is vegan and gluten-free to accommodate participants with specific dietary needs.

Can I refill my own water bottle or hydration pack at the aid stations?

Absolutely! We encourage participants to minimize waste by refilling their water bottles or hydration packs at the aid stations. Our staff will be on hand to assist with refills and ensure you stay adequately fuelled & hydrated throughout the event.

What flavours of Active Root will be available at the aid stations?

Our aid stations will primarily offer the Original Ginger Sports Drink from Active Root. This refreshing ginger-flavoured drink provides natural hydration and is gentle on the stomach, perfect for sustained performance during the event.

New to Active Root?

To get used to our Sport Drink Mix in the build up, we have an Event Drink Pack. Perfect to be used during your training for this event, and will be the same drink available at the aid stations!