The Power of Active Root Hot Recovery Drinks

The Power of Active Root Hot Recovery Drinks

After a grueling workout or when fighting off a cold or flu, few things are as soothing as a steaming mug of Active Root Hot Recovery Drink.

Whether you prefer the zesty Hot Lemon, the rich Hot Cocoa, or the invigorating Hot Spiced, these beverages offer more than just warmth and flavor – they harness the natural powers of ginger to aid in recovery and well-being.

What are the health benefits of ginger?

At the heart of Active Root Hot Recovery Drinks lies the magic ingredient: ginger.

This spicy root is packed with anti-inflammatory compounds that can help sore muscles recover faster after intense exercise.

Ginger acts as a natural painkiller, supporting blood circulation and stimulating blood flow, which can help alleviate stomach issues and nausea. Its warming properties also make it an ideal remedy for easing sore, stiff joints.

Why does warmth promote relaxation?

Beyond the benefits of ginger, the warmth of these drinks plays a crucial role in promoting relaxation and well-being. Sipping a hot beverage encourages you to slow down and take a moment for yourself, breaking away from the stresses of daily routines. This simple act can have a profound effect on your emotional state, with research suggesting that holding a warm cup can make you feel friendlier and less critical towards those around you.

How can hot drinks provide relief?

Hot Recovery Drinks offer more than just post-workout recovery. They have long been used as a simple therapeutic remedy for cold and flu symptoms. The warmth can provide relief from coughs, runny noses, sore throats, and even chills or fevers. Studies have shown that sweet, hot drinks can release endorphins from the brain stem, reducing pain levels and the need to cough, leaving you feeling better overall.

What flavours are available?

Whether you're seeking recovery after a tough training session or battling cold or flu symptoms, Active Root Hot Recovery Drinks offer a comforting and restorative experience. Enjoy the invigorating spice of Hot Spiced, the zesty refreshment of Hot Lemon (with a touch of honey for sweetness), or the rich, indulgent Hot Cocoa (topped with frothy cream and marshmallows). Kick back, sip, and let the warmth and ginger work their magic.

How to prepare these drinks?

To prepare, simply boil a kettle and add a 35g scoop of your desired Active Root Hot Recovery flavor to a 300ml mug. Pour in 300ml of boiling water and stir thoroughly until all granules have dissolved. For an extra touch, garnish Hot Spiced with a slice of orange and Hot Lemon with a teaspoon of honey. Hot Cocoa is best enjoyed with a dollop of frothy cream and a few marshmallows on top.

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