The Vital Role of Sodium - Active Root's Natural Solution

In the world of endurance sports such as marathon running, the significance of proper hydration and electrolyte balance cannot be overstated. Among the essential electrolytes, sodium stands out as a crucial element in maintaining optimal performance and staving off fatigue during long-distance runs.

How Sodium Works

Sodium plays a pivotal role in regulating fluid balance within the body, ensuring that cells stay hydrated and muscles function efficiently. When we sweat during intense exercise, we not only lose water but also valuable electrolytes like sodium. This loss can lead to dehydration, muscle cramps, and a decline in overall performance. Rehydrating with just water, and especially large quantities of it, would put you at risk of developing a condition known as hyponatremia, which is extremely dangerous. 

Due to excess water intake and the loss of sodium, excess water enters the brain and causes symptoms ranging from mild such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, to severe and potentially fatal ones such as seizures, coma, cardiac arrest and death.

Active Root Sports Drink Mix

Our Natural Solution

As a result for the need for sodium, many brands produce sports drinks containing sodium and other electrolytes to help solve this solution, and Active Root are no different. Our innovative approach revolves around harnessing the benefits of natural ingredients to deliver effective hydration and sustained energy to endurance runners. By incorporating natural sea salt into our products, we are able to provide runners with a reliable source of sodium that replenishes electrolyte levels without artificial additives or unwanted side effects.

This ensures that athletes can maintain peak performance without compromising on their health or wellbeing. Below is a table of our products and the sea salt content for each one.

Sports Drink Mix not only provides fuel, but also balance and hydration.
ElectroLite is the perfect natural hydration source for an active lifestyle.

Electrolite+ provides superior hydration for when you need it most!

Delicious cubes of fiery crystallised ginger with added electrolytes.

  • Gel Mix: Each serving contains up to 100mg Of Sea Salt (Flavour depending)

Gel mix is perfect for endurance training and racing!


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