Why, When, & How To Use Active Root Sports Nutrition

At Active Root we're committed to delivering delicious, natural, eco-friendly, ginger based sports nutrition. Whether you're a seasoned ironman, a keen ultra runner or training for your 1st park run, our drinks and gels are crafted to help improve your performance. All our products are suitable for vegetarian, vegan, gluten and dairy free diets.

We use natural root ginger in all our nutrition products. Ginger is scientifically proven to help prevent bloating, nausea and stomach discomfort during exercise, thereby allowing athletes to focus on their performance rather than their stomach.

We only use simple, high quality natural ingredients. You won't find any unpronounceable nasties in our products. We believe natural ingredients help maintain a settled stomach, which provide more predictable results, avoiding the dreaded gut bomb!

All of our products have a clean, light refreshing taste that leaves you wanting more. We know you want your sports nutrition to taste clean and delicious, rather than refuelling & rehydrating with something that you don’t like the taste of!

What makes Active Root Sports Drinks unique?

You may have noticed that all our products contain ginger. Why put this strange looking root into our nutrition? What quasi-science justifies its inclusion? Well it's simply that ginger helps prevent stomach cramps and bloating, something that co-founder Will used to suffer from using 'standard' sports nutrition. Because of this, we also only use natural ingredients in all our products, so no sweeteners, preservatives or secret opioids. Your stomach will know exactly what you're putting in it, no surprises.

Per 35g serving (mixed with 500ml of water) our Sports Drinks also contain: - 32g of can sugar (carbohydrate) - 400mg of sea salt - A splash of citrus.   That's it.  

Why is ginger beneficial to your endurance racing or training?

Ginger not only helps prevent stomach discomfort but actively helps increase your appetite so that you actually want to eat or drink whilst exercising. This becomes more beneficial the longer the event you are doing as the necessity to keep fuelled and hydrated increases.

Gel Mix - The first waste free sports gel

Gel Mix comes as a powder that you mix with water in a Soft Flask which then turns into a Gel, getting rid of the need for sticky single use gel packets. One 150ml Soft Flask holds between the equivalent of 1-4 gel servings, so it's also easier to carry your fuel. 

A big problem with standard gels is that you have to consume the whole 30g of carbohydrate in one, causing a spike in your blood sugar levels. By drinking from a reusable Soft Flask, you can consume more gradually keeping your blood sugar levels steady. You can also make the gel to your preferred consistency by adding more or less water. 

Per 30g serving (mixed with 30ml of water) our Gel Mix contains only natural ingredients, including: - 25g of cane sugar (carbohydrate) - ginger, the same amount as in our Sports Drinks - 100mg of sea salt - maize starch and citrus.

ElectroLite - Low Calorie, Hydration Drink

ElectroLite contains the same amount of sea salt (400mg) as our Sports Drinks, however ElectroLite+ contains twice as much sea salt (800mg). ElectroLite also contains only 1/4 of the amount of carbs as our Sports Drink. 

You should use ElectroLite when you don't need additional carbohydrate, either because you're already using another source (e.g. Gel Mix), or your activity doesn't demand more fuel (an easy run / cycle). You would use ElectroLite+ in the same instance, but because of the additional salt content, it is also fantastic for keeping you hydrated on especially sweaty sessions (e.g. a long summer workout or zwift session). 

Per 9g serving (mixed with 500ml of water) ElectroLite contains only natural ingredients, including: - 400mg of sea salt (800mg of sea salt in ElectroLite+) - ginger, the same amount as in our Sports Drinks - 7g of cane sugar - natural sweetener stevia.

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