Nutrition Strategies for Swimmers

Nutrition Strategies for Swimmers

As you swim, your body taps into its glycogen stores, which serve as the primary source of fuel. Without replenishing glycogen adequately, you may experience fatigue, diminished focus, and a decline in swimming speed. Fuelling your swim is crucial for sustaining performance and endurance, particularly during longer sessions lasting 60 minutes or more.

For optimal performance during extended swimming sessions, aim to consume 30-60 grams of carbohydrates per hour from energy gels and/or drinks. This ensures a sustained energy supply to keep you going strong throughout your swim. 

Maintaining proper hydration is essential for swimmers, both before and during their sessions. Check out How to Stay Hydrated when Swimming

Swimming on an empty stomach may lead to fatigue and reduced performance. It's generally recommended to have a light meal or snack at least 1-2 hours before swimming to provide fuel for your workout.

How can Active Root help fuel your swim?

The ginger in Active Root can help contribute towards a normally functioning settled stomach and prevent bloating. It may also have a calming effect, so it helps get rid of excess gas, thus reducing bloating and stomach discomfort. The ginger that Active Root uses has been specially selected because of its high gingerol ratio.

Active Root Gel Mix is key for swimmers, providing easily digestible carbohydrates like glucose and fructose to sustain energy levels during training & events. Compact and convenient, gel mix provides optimal ratios of carbs, electrolytes, and ginger to target steady energy, settled stomachs, and peak performance. By consuming Gel Mix from a reusable Soft Flask, you can consume more gradually keeping your blood sugar levels steady. 

Our Energy Chews are portable and crafted to offer a rapid energy boost. Replenish essential fluids with electrolytes; every chew delivers around 6g of carbohydrates, 50mg of sea salt, and 140mg of stomach-soothing ginger. For optimal performance, always accompany them with water or a sports drink.

After swimming, focus on replenishing glycogen stores and providing your muscles with the necessary nutrients for repair. Aim for a balanced meal containing carbohydrates and lean protein, such as a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread or a quinoa salad with grilled chicken.

Read our Swimming Nutrition Guide, to help smash your next race!

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