Refuel and Reuse with the natural alternative to single use gels! Active Root Gel Mix is a gel powder that easily mixes with water to create a natural gel, ideal for endurance racing and training. 

Easy to mix into your soft flask, you can mix however many servings you need to your preferred viscosity so you can forget about sticky single use gels.

Stomach Settling Ginger

Like all Active Root products Gel Mix contains stomach settling ginger that helps prevent you feeling nauseous or bloated so you can focus on your sport. Having stomach discomfort is a common problem when whilst doing exercise and trying to keep fuelled and hydrated, particularly after using standard gels. The idea for using stomach settling ginger actually came from co-founder Will suffering from stomach discomfort after using gels whilst training for a marathon.

So with Active Root Gel Mix you can forget about those stomach problems, keep naturally fuelled and focus on smashing those PBs! Delicious taste with 100% natural ingredients Many of the gastric problems that arise from energy gels are because of the artificial sweeteners and preservatives that they contain. This can also lead to a sickly, chemical taste. Active Root Gel Mix just uses natural ingredients that your stomach regularly digests. It's therefore also a far more natural, palatable and, we think, delicious taste! It's hard not to take 3 servings in one it's that moreish!

Bespoke fuel source that you can mix in whatever quantity or viscosity you need!

Because Active Root Gel Mix comes as a powder, you can make it as viscous or runny as you like by adding more or less powder. An issue with standard gels is that you have to take them in one - so that's approximately 30g of carbohydrate suddenly hitting your stomach - no wonder so many people have gut problems using them. You put Active Root Gel Mix into a soft flask (we recommend a 150ml container, which is about 3-4 servings), which means that you're able to take the gel more gradually as well as being able to decide how many servings you take with you.

Reuse and refill - forget single use gels!

Active Root Gel Mix gets rid of the problems of sticky, single use gels! You add your Gel Mix Powder into a reusable soft flask, each serving making up the equivalent of a single gel (25g of carbohydrate p/serving). We recommend using a 150ml soft flask which will be 3-4 servings. This not only means that you you don't have to carry and throw away multiple gels, but you can also decide how thick or runny you want your gel to be. Furthermore, you can also sip your gel more gradually rather than having to take it in one meaning less chance of those blood sugar spikes.

Gel Mix (5)

300g Gel Mix Bundle - Cacao, Peppermint & Ginger flavour (12 servings)


300g Gel Mix Tub - Cacao, Peppermint & Ginger flavour (12 servings)


900g Gel Mix Bundle - Cacao, Peppermint & Ginger flavour (36 servings)


900g Gel Mix Tub - Cacao, Peppermint & Ginger flavour (36 servings)


Active Root Gel Mix Tub Refill (36 servings)